Plagiarism/Padding: How Buhari Was Padded To Us

Plagiarism/Padding: How Buhari Was Padded To Us - elsieisy blog

Padding is our new lingo! All my Padis in streets are wondering, why is everything about Buhari ended up being padded?

Well, it is becoming clearer and clearer by the day that the APC padded him to us with sweet promises, they made him look like the Superhero Nigerians have been waiting for. His health was padded, his integrity was padded, his intelligence was padded, everything about him was padded. At the end of the day, he was so padded that he could not move due to the weight of the pads.

After attaining power, gradually the pads begin to fall off, and the wind exposes the anus of the hen: So all these muscles and six packs displayed to us are pads. Chai!

But those that padded Buhari to us are somehow addicted to it, that is why the padding continues ever after: they padded his budget. You know the saying that what you do consistently becomes a habit? That is why padding has continued to be under construction is Buhari’s administration.

Plagiarism/Padding: How Buhari Was Padded To Us - elsieisy blog

The issue of budget padding shook many Nigerians. In fact, it was as if they reserved the biggest pad for the budget. It was so big that even Buhari could not carry it. We thought Baba will try to punish the fellows that loaded so much pads on the budget, but nothing has happened yet, maybe tomorrow sha.

Then comes latest padding that is currently giving all the past paddings the run for their money. This one throws a huge punch on the face of every Nigerian, home and abroad.

Like a BREAKING NEWS, BBC reeled it out. “Plagiarism scandal rocks Nigerian President’s Speech.” I was ashamed of my country people. Now they have also padded Baba’s speech. This padding was even done unprofessionally unlike the previous paddings.

It was later discovered that somebody in the presidency inserted the pad into Baba’s ” Change Begins With Me” speech. This singular padding has done a WWE smackdown to the whole idea of Change Begins With Me.

But there is a remedy, Baba should just call an emergency meeting among his cohorts and they should start a new campaign within themselves that will be called Change Begins With Us. They should not let us know.

I am Debo Popoola, I just wanna make some commonsense, not the kind Ben Murray Bruce is making o!

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  1. Lmao! This keeps me rolling on the floor with laughter! I hope to be seeing hilarious write-ups like this often Elsie

  2. Lolzz, this writer dey vex ooo… But seriously serious, padding /plagiarism is fraud, and it is in fact punishable sef, jez that na dem dey top so law no they touch them.. After starting the change begins wit us campaign, they should start changing first, den we follow suit.

  3. Change and the voice raised on it, packed with the integrity bestow on them had been washed away by situation and occurrences with the act of the presidency none readiness to deal with the real culprit. As I stand today, no government will take my vote again, either pdp or apc. I belong to none and whoever lead should lead, they can not hinder my progress. They are just mess in totality. Am highly disappointed in the government.

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