Pinky Love


There are people you connect with in a very special way.You don’t know why, you probe your mind and heart sometimes,You ask why this person and why at this time,No answers, the heart wants what it wants.Its 6pm, Rhoda sits in the comfort of her room in this really lovely gray colored Tees she got from her last visit to her fuck buddy. Well, what else do you call someone whom you both have some special kind of feelings for but the other person has refused to feed the emotion? Steadily fighting back and pretending to be a badoo. You both connect in a special kind of way but you won’t stoop as low as having to officially beg him to be your boyfriend. Forget the explanations o jare, sex is good with him, it’s the only time she freely lets her self-go and emotions show, he probably doesn’t notice though but the hell YES! He has reduced his rank to a fucken fuck buddy. Let’s get back to the plot before the muse disappears again It’s kinda weird how she thinks of Dominic every day at this time of the evening. She just read a chapter from “Fighting like a girl” (that’s the only way to cultivate a good reading habit when you have a crazy schedule – Read Chapterly daily…LOL)She looks at her smart phone to check for any pleasant chat buddy message but none. Then she decides to holla at Dominic Rhoda: hey booDominic: I am not your boo, how are you?Rhoda: LOL, you never surprise me. You really need to take down this high wall you have round your heart. It won’t help you and IDominic: I don’t know what you talking aboutRhoda: yes you doDominic: Rhoda I don’t have time for this now. Now this is the very message you get and it feels like there is a very sharp tiny knife poking your heart, but its Blackberry messenger, she can allow him see the emotions your smiley and words allow. Her eye grows wet and she feels insulted. She takes a very quick look at his display picture. Such a handsome lad shutting her out. She won’t give up easily Rhoda: you know I like it when you are really cool and then we have a sweet chat. Not when you sound like I am disturbing youDominic: I have not said you are disturbingRhoda: your actions scream itDominic: what actions?Rhoda: Stop playing dumb, you know what you are doingDominic: Rhoda stop this, I told you I don’t have time for thisRhoda: Then why don’t you stop replying.Dominic: you know that would be me being rudeRhoda: Your rudeness is registered already. Won’t be newDominic: you sound like you know me too wellRhoda: I can only see what you show me. And what I see isn’t favorableDominic: and I should care about thatRhoda: please don’t be rude because I like youDominic: oh! You do?Rhoda: right! Like you never knewDominic: I don’t assume, I only know what I am toldRhoda: My bad, now you know Oh my God! If he truly didn’t know I like him, then what did he think of me all this while? A pest? Dominic: kinda good to knowRhoda: right.Dominic: but how do you like someone you have not seen.Rhoda: I don’t know. Probably your friend told me some awesome things about you that ended up pricking my mind and has set this mind of mine on a conquer quest to find love.Dominic: wow, that’s much to absorb at once.Rhoda: Take your timeDominic: The thing is, I don’t like building emotions with people I have not seen. What if you see me and don’t like me or I don’t you. What happens?Rhoda: Haven’t thought about that but I sure know I want to kiss those lovely lips of yours whether you end up liking me or not.Dominic: well, that could lead to something elseRhoda: That would be your cross to bear, all I want is to kiss the fine lips and I would be goodDominic: rightRhoda: when will you be back though?Dominic: why do you ask?Rhoda: I don’t know. Just askingDominic: then don’t ask me that question again She dumps her phone on the reading table. Walks slowly to her bed, settle in and hugs her ‘pinky’ – pinky is the big teddy bear that knows too much of her secrets. But this night she is not talking to pinky. She doesn’t fight back the tears. Her tears wets pinky as she asks – “Pinky love, why am I so unlucky in love pinky? Everyone I have liked and can actually do stupid things for never love me back, pinky why?”

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