Pills & Passions

pills & passions

In the real sense of common sense (if there is nothing like that biko I invented it), no one is perfect. We all have flaws, some make conscious efforts to tame those things the world have come to agree as wrong doings. However, the heart flesh wants what it wants sometimes.

Let’s talk about the fleshy human desires, the type that lights up instantly. You meet a man or a woman and the burning passion ignites. You wonder what is happening but you can’t fight it. You know this is one forbidden fruit but you don’t mind having a bite. Feeling all Eve in one moment.

Ada gets a call from a friend of hers, asking her to come in for one of her freelance jobs. An appointment is scheduled and she is definitely ready to go make some cash then go back home to her sweet little bed and PC.

Friday 12 noon at plot 155 Magodo

She dials a number and the voice at the other end comes on. ‘Hey Ada, ow u dey?’ , ‘Afternoon dearie, I am in front of the building’, ‘oh cool, quite on time, I love that, I am not exactly at the office right now but Mr. Jason is expecting you. Just walk up to the 2nd floor and watch out for Pills & Passions signs, talk to the lady at the reception, mention your name stating that you are from me’, ‘ok dear, thanks a lot’, ‘mind you he looks young but he is married with 2kids and he is the boss’, ‘oh cool, but his being married is none of my business, all he needs to be is useful’. ‘Laughter erupts’, ‘dude get off my phone, I have an appointment to catch’ Hangs up*.

After about 5minutes of sitting at the reception, fiddling with her phone, she heard a door open. She raised her head to see a smart looking young man step out of the said ‘boss’ office, letting a smile out wasn’t part of the plan but it showed up.

‘Hi, you waiting for someone?’

Ada – Yes I am. Waiting to see Mr. Jason from Tobi

‘And that should be me, please come in’

Ada walks into this very beautiful office, she takes a quick look around as she noticed him offering her a sit.

Ada – Thank you, Lovely office you’ve got.

Mr. Jason – Thank you. We are just trying

Ada – this definitely is more than trying

He sits right across as usual, and their eyes met. It was different. It was magical. It was tender, it was filled with care and love. She couldn’t understand it. She saw his mouth move but couldn’t hear a word. Is this some form of hypnosis?

Mr. Jason – what can I offer you? Just name it.

Ada – *smiles* water will be just fine

Mr. Jason – You look quite different from your picture.

Ada – picture?

He calls out to the Lady at the reception to get Ada a cup of water.

Mr. Jason – Yes, Tobi showed me two to three pictures of you.

Ada – Oh, right!

Mr. Jason – so this is what I want you to do for me…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….., do you think it’s something you can handle.

The smart looking lady walks in with a glass of water. Smiles as she places it in front of Ada. Ada lets out a sincere smiling with a ‘Thanks you”. She turns her attention back to Mr. Jason.

Ada – I can handle whatever I put my mind to.

Mr. Jason – guess we good to go then.

He rises up, showing off his nice figure again as he slides a cap on his head. Boy! The cap did justice to his looks. It’s just awesome when you know what suits you and stick to it. I bet he know what the cap does to his looks.

Ada swallows her saliva and smiles again. Now Ada is not the average churchy girl. She is just cool with so many things and believes she can be adventurous in the days of her spinsterhood but she has never been the type to mix business with personal pleasures. Business has got to be business.

This time, there might be an exception. All he needed to do was ask her to be his side chick, Mistress or whatever it is called these days and she was sure not to be able to use the word ‘NO’ but not without her own terms and conditions. She looked down at her phone, biting her lips.

Mr. Jason – I am heading towards Ikeja, are you going my way?

Ada – Sure!

She sips water from the glass, gently places the cup back on the table and walked right through the door held open for her by Mr. Jason…

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