Rambling of a Lover

unset sunshine

#BlogFest #50DaysCountDownTo2015 – Day 13. Written by @oluwanonso_Esq , he blogs at www.legalwatchmen.blogspot.com Dear love, Sweet like the morning sunFresh like a lea of pasturesWith a lock of hair coiled in curly turnsAnd a smile affixed in fine textures.  Your voice the very sound of melodyWhich makes the morning birds envious.Your skin aligns in smooth affinityWhich leaves an impression so gorgeous.    Just a heartbeat away Yet miles apart in distance yet coveredIn dreamland your court holds swayAnd imagination knows no borders.    Always on my mind, but never there to holdYour sweet name a constant whisperOn my lips which have grown so coldFrom spells of soliloquy not so meagre.    Shall you vanish from my thoughtsMy sanity shall loose trackOf that which needs be sought And in is stead shall moans pack.  I live in hope so vainThat my the beat of my heart be heard Amidst the adulations your ears gainAnd in such my passions are so geared.  Listen to my voice, my loveMy soul ticks in descant desire.And in Midsummer’s time it shall scoreAnd together, we shall set on the journey of life. Also read ‘Freewill vs Predetermination‘ by @oluwanonso_EsqI am Oluwanonso_Esq on Twitter. For inquiries, send mails to elsieisy@gmail.com or tweet at @elsieisy

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