Love is in the Air

Blue Egyptian silk shimmers as I walk in.

The scent of roses fills the air

As little red petals lay strewn everywhere.


Mingling just right,

The scent with the coolness of the A/C

L’amour is in the air

As I gaze upon the object of my affection

Whose eyes follow my every move.


Love is in the air.


Quickly closing the space between us,

He wraps his arms around me.

Gently as we sway to the beats

Of J. Butler on the saxophone,

He strokes my hair. Bodies melded,

His heart, I feel beating against mine.


Love is in the air.


The kiss when it comes is as heady as wine.

Lips part as our tongues embrace,

In a soulful dance as old as time itself.


Love is in the air as our clothes find freedom from us

In homage, they lay prostrate before us

And I am led to the shimmering of blue Egyptian sheets.


Love is in the air.


Limbs entwined as moans rend the air

I am underneath him and I am also on top

We work, oh, we work straining you see,

For fulfillment from this craze that has beset us.

I drink in his scent as again I find myself

Lovingly crushed underneath his weight

As thrust after thrust I am carried to ecstasy.


Love is definitely in the air.


Fire! Oh, wonderful fire!

I feel it shooting from the depths of my being

As arms entwined I call out his name.

His guttural sounds tell me

I am not alone for I know that he feels it too. (Don’t ask me how)

I drink of his lips as he drinks from mine

As fulfillment beckons, ever so close.


Love is in the air.


Hands clasped together, fingers entwined

We fall from the earth into the very eye of the storm

With shuddering ferocity, the intensity of it all

Sends us reeling into utter mindlessness.


Love is in the air as gently we return to reality

Breathless, we gaze into each other’s eyes

“I love you” he whispers, “as do I”… my response

And in blue Egyptian silk, we bid the world

Good night.


Dedicated to the love that stirs in our hearts for that special someone.

 by Dawn Wilson

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