Paragon Of Virtuous Music


do mi  do mi  do  la la

re fa   re fa   re  so so


of the broken heart

unlike the broken limbs

demands for casts and crutches

the healing rhythm requests

channels flute and clarinet

accompanied by the piano

strings of the guitar

into ears making new lovely lively tunes

lifting life from a disheartening life.

We will rise and dance

to these marked up melodies

that springs pretty,

that rings nice.


do mi  do mi  do  la la

do re re re

re fa   re fa   re  so so

ti do do do


that rings nice,

that springs pretty

so are the melodies

from paradise,

paragon of virtuous music

that clangs on and on

once beautiful, everywhere beautiful

chaining men into eternal realms of peace

let it be so

let it be so

let the musical melodies marry men

into peace from central region

across every nation,

as we go on

singing and dancing this universal language.

by Tola Ijalusi

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