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HUSBAND Material

This one is on request and might be opinionated. If you don’t agree, you always have the comment box to air your views, but for the next five seconds or so give me some space to rant away my feelings on the subject that has been thrust upon me. The... Read More

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Sour 16

Day 5: #SayNoToRape”He forcefully thrust inside of me, tearing my womanhead all the way to my heart, tearing my emotion all the way to my soul, tramping on my feelings and stampeding my self-esteem. I can only feel pain as he forced his way into... Read More

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Day 5: #SayNoToRape My fame has become shame hiddenBottled up in my heart with the chain of painI’m bruised like a torn veinBeautiful outside, but bleeding withinI long to say, but the wash of humiliation won’t let meI fear that I will... Read More

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