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I have told few people that I prefer being a Radio Presenter to being a Television presenter and almost every one of them had same response – “what are you saying? You are good at what you do and you are beautiful, don’t hide your face please.” And I usually end the conversation with OK! LOL

Truth is, I like that I can decide to pay zero attention to my outfit and makeup as a radio presenter. All I need to get the job done is my lovely voice and a functioning brain but for television, it’s a different game entirely. You have to pay attention to every single part of your appearance. To make matters worse, I cannot even have my big tummy in peace.

Anyway, I have accepted the responsibilities that comes with my career path, so for the last one year, I have paid attention to my look and I will love to share that part of my life with you. Also, the people who make this possible, so you can reach out to them when and if you like what you see.

So expect pictures of my favorite look of the week on the blog, weekly. Let’s call it #OOTW – Outfit of the week

For this week, i rocked this very colourful gown which made me uncomfortable initially until i realised so many people loved it, especially with the subtle colour play on my leg, thanks to the colourless shoe trend. If you dont have a pair or colourless footwear in your show collection by now, then i can say you are officially worse than i am. I have never been the many colour kind of person simply because i know how light skinned i am, and i sometimes feel wearing too many colours just drags unnecesary attention to myself, but i am beginning to let go of that idea. I am playing more with colours. See for yourself.

I did another stepping out of my comfort zone this week by rocking a sneakers i have had in my wardrobe for more than a year. The combination of the sneakers with a baby pink shirt dress was super comfy and smart. I loved myself from the moment i stood in front of my mirror, even before makeup was done.

I know i love staying in my comfort zone when it comes to fashion but two things i know for sure is; You must wear what works for your body and You must be comfortable in it.

Makeup was done by Erina faces – Instagram @erinafaces

Till next #OOTW post, stay beautiful

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