Giveaway Winner: Next Shoes!

My Bonny Island Experience + Elsiesy blog Giveaway!

Hey Elsians!

Finally, it’s time to announce the winner of Elsieisy Blog Giveaway.

I will like to apologize for the comment issues we had on the blog. I am really sorry if you could not participate in this giveaway due to issues from our own end. There will be other giveaways and since my web guy has been able to work around the comment issues, the giveaway will be open to as many people interested. Once again, I am sorry.

In response to the question for the giveaway, everyone practically got it right while some added ajasa. However, I am happy you participated. Without you, there will be no giveaway.

The comment which describes what I do here on Elsieisy blog was from Victor. It said: is a blog that has carved a niche in general lifestyle. The blog focuses on relationships (with a view to achieving healthier relationships and also help the ailing ones to heal), literature (includes great mix of poetry, with fictional and non-fictional stories and a great blend of humour) and general lifestyle which covers basically everything from entertainment to spirituality. is a blog for the ”now” generation -for life and living.

I absolutely love his comment and the way he described my own blog for me.

Thank you all for participating and watch out for more giveaway on this blog.

I am sure Victor will gladly gift the shoes to his girlfriend or a family member…what do I know sef? LOL

If you will like to collaborate with the blog for a giveaway, thereby introducing your product or brand to us, please do send a mail to

Victor, please contact me via to claim your prize.

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  1. Thank you Elsie….Plenty gratitude for your graceful attitude. *smiles* ..cheers and all the best. Keep the flag flying. -Elsian Victor.

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