New year New me

new year new me

New Year new me….Yea yea…

Most people were singing that anthem from the 1st day of December 2014 right into 2015 and are still on the anthem at the slightest opportunity. Some even went on with – ‘cutting a lot of people off in the new year’. The question is, are you sure they aren’t even waiting for you to cut them off already? Who cares? In life you will have to do a lot of cutting off and fitting in. It’s part of life. The fact remains that when you think you should cut some set of people off just because they aren’t adding to your life or for some personal reasons, you won’t need any announcements to carry on with that. Stop the attention seeking strategy.

And then we have people with a list of New Year resolutions. How many of your new year resolutions are you standing by today? I am not here to tell you New Year resolutions are good or bad, far from it. I love New Years, it’s refreshing, gives you the renewed hope, the starting afresh feel. Funny how human beings are scared of starting over again in everything they do – relationship, job, business, speech, etc. but are so in love with the New Year.

Like my pastor would say, “you are as old as the New year”. Basically, you are still living the same life you started living when you almost deafened your mom, the doctors and nurses at your delivery. When it’s the 1st day of every year, whether it’s your birthday or not, it should send a signal – I am a year older/I am going to be a year older. It’s not as if your life will start afresh all of a sudden, no, you continue with the job, the plans, the struggle, you name it.

If your 2015 (New Year) is going to be any different from 2014 (past year) then it has to be that you have worked hard enough in 2014 to earn your reward in 2015. You can’t tackle new problem with old approach. If you have been lazy’n around all through 2014, you have not thought of or made any effort to move one step closer to your dream in 2014 and you are there shouting 2015 will be awesome then I don’t know….I believe in Miracles though. After all, we have a God that can make somebody out of a nobody.

The point I am trying to make here is, nothing is really new. It’s just a continuation of your old achievements and struggles. You either learn and keep climbing till you get there and everyone will be like –“who is s/he? And where did s/he come from?” or you remain stagnant, no improvement and keep expecting a miracle. If you are willing to change a habit, it doesn’t have to be on the 31st/1st. if you want to pursue that goal, you can start now. If you think you need to stop hanging out with some group of friends/acquaintances, stop it now (in a nice way though), if you feel there is a kind of way you want to be treated and addressed, start living the kind of life that commands such respect and if you love someone so dearly or see potentials in your union, take that bold step today. The worst can only be a ‘No’, nothing more.

Some have flawed already, fallen away from their resolutions and have said, I will try again in 2016. Hell no! You have to try again now. The life you have today is what you own, make the best out of it. Live, love and learn.

Success awaits us all.

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