On Guilty Pleasure

on guilty pleasure

I wanted to write this as a poem but couldn’t get my head around the lines. So I write it the way I feel and right now all I really need is a priest to confess to, but unfortunately am no catholic and I was brought up believing that only God can forgive sins, but it so scary that he is so big and far off that the idea of an anonymous person seems so real and better, so let me do it the proper way

“Father I have sinned”

Then I can get to tell him all I had done. And he tells me to do penance for my sins and literarily my burdens are lifted from my shoulders and I am free. After am gone, the priest sits down and recounts my story he is bound by confidentiality not to tell. But how can he keep such story in his head and not go insane, even he could not believe the story and if he was a MTV BASE viewer he would think he had just been punked, but the story dripped with sincerity and truth. And to avoid losing his mind over this he wrote my story in his journal. Later that year by mistake that journal got into the hands of someone who told someone who later told another someone the things I did that night and since it has become public knowledge I want to sue the church and the priest for breach of confidentiality.

Now I stand in the witness box in court, having just been examined in chief by my counsel, now I was been cross-examined by their lawyer and he asked me one question “what happened before the confession” and my counsel shouted “objection my Lord” “on what ground” asked the judge, “this is not in issue my lord” and their counsel said “my lord but it is relevant”

“Objection overruled, witness you have to answer that question”

Then and there I Knew my life would never remain the same.

“Let me start from the very Beginning” I said.

Monday 24th, January 2008

On this day I was still married and I can still tell that, I was still happy with my marriage, but the problem is that I got married to a “stiff board”, nothing I did on our matrimonial bed ignited any fire within her it was like making love to the bed and even the bed would have groaned, not my wife, in this age of sexual orientation and experimentation, all we do is the archaic and forgotten missionary style. That is what you get for marrying a virgin, but since I get satisfied, I didn’t think of it, moreover, she was the money bag in the house, she gets the big pay and to her credit she is a very good and loving wife.

My life changed, when on this day I got to work and I found out that the management had deemed it fit to help me change my secretary who was over 50 years and who reminds me constantly of my wife with   someone named Susan who I believed would be as inefficient as the common name she bears. The first sight I had of her was my doom because she was bent over on my desk with her behind facing the door, and by Jove she was wearing the most flesh hugging skirt I had ever seen, with a dangerous slit going up to her thighs and by Jove that was the longest, freshest piece of leg I had seen and all I could think of was taking her there and then. Maybe I had groaned or made a noise because she turned around and I was assaulted with the sight of heaven and literarily my heart stopped beating in my chest.

“I am Susan” she said, can I get your suit or would you prefer coffee first?

And since then I had to walk around the office with a bag in front of me to cover my constant disturbance. She psychologically assaulted me in every way you can imagine until all I could think of was having sex with her. All that was keeping me was the opportunity; either fate wanted to take a shit on me or just wanted to fuck me, it presented me with a bizarre opportunity.

3rd of May, 2008.

We had to work late into the night, we were the last in the office building, by then she was just like the girl of your fantasy you would not meet. We were in the elevator about to leave when we conveniently lost power, the last thing I rationally remembered was that she held my hands in fear of the dark and I held her close to soothe her fears. The things she did to me that night are things I can’t say in public because it would offend public morality. But after that day nothing mattered anymore, we did it anywhere and everywhere it didn’t matter as long as the opportunity presented itself, at times I had to take official matters out of the state and I would make sure she goes along and then she gets to please me in ways I had never imagined, it was like put of those adult movie scenes and she was both the director and actor, and I couldn’t get enough of her sometimes she calls me in the middle of the night and asks me to come over to her house, it was dangerous and risky but it excited me like crazy, at times she would call my phone when she knows my wife would be in earshot and tell me dirty things she was doing to herself, it was like introduction to heroine and I just got hooked on it. She was all that mattered and I was ready to give up all for her sake. I changed my will and most of my personal things were put in her name I was not in love people I was way pass love I worshipped the ground she walked on. Things were fine until she got pregnant and wanted to move into my matrimonial home with me, all these while my wife and I had been cohabitating under the same roof with no intimate moments between us but I knew bringing in Susan into the house would not be wise I tried talking her out of it but she would not hear. Then I thought and weighed it sex and a good life with my wife even though the former was more tempting I picked the latter and broke everything with Susan and I went back to my boring prude of a wife.

24th of December, 2008.

I was with my wife having dinner when the door bell rang, I went to get the door, I asked who it was and the person mumbled something I was not concentrating so I opened the door, the next thing I knew was that I was shoved into my room and I was starring into the dull empty eyes of a double barreled gun. The holder was one tall brutish looking man, three other men strode in and lastly came in my worst nightmare and by Jove she was sexy. To cut the long story short my wife was raped brutally in front of me and died in the process. I was begging for my life and Susan said, you left me for your wife, now that she is dead, would you marry me?

“Father I have sinned” I married the woman who killed my wife

Written by Newton Samson (Newtonsamson.wordpress.com)

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  1. Wow….. I thinking I’ll come back and drop my comment…. Ok maybe I’ll just say it now! I got one word for this write up…. AMAZING!!!

  2. Captivating n intriguing …I commend ur writing gurl…Keep em up …Spiritman speaks …

  3. Hmmmmm…….this is powerful but honestly.,if it happens to be a true life story then the dude is the fool. he should have learn how to bring both parties together without much hatred.

  4. @Showorkinz, its easier said that done. Obviously that lady must have been a possessive freak,he tried talking her out of moving in and probably would have given here more options,nothing short of being his wife would have worked

  5. a really captivating story indeed, nice one. The man should have sought counselling since he was having issues with his wife and the temptation at the office, some form of self control and self disciplinary actions would have been put to place to avoid the sad end oh well but this is life and these things happen in our society. He will need counselling and advice to carry on from this point. warepamorsammy.wordpress.com

  6. You can blame the man a million times. But I’ll tell you try not to marry such an in-responsive wife. While I in no way justify inFidelity It’s not easy coping with such faithfulness till death do us path.

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