Mafikizolo ft Mister May D – Happiness (Official Video)

Don’t even dare call me stale. Don’t!!!!I will appreciate a video whenever and however I wish. yes!So my friend called my attention to this video this morning. I don’t have a perfect explanation as to how come i never saw this video before now, but well, i have i seen it o and i must say i looooooovvvvvveeeeeee this video.A wonderful job of bright color combination, wow fashion statement and African pride was done justice. The beat is just sweet and African. The dance steps? Too bad i am a horrible dancer. The steps looks very simple until someone like me tries it out. And who else noticed May D’s first appearance on the video? He looked like he was gonna cry or is it my eyes. He was saying “I am happy” but, the expression on his face ehn, i don’t understand. or was it more like someone being injected from behind? well….I mean, these guys are good, i don’t understand the language except for May D’s part but all i know is “the song is about happiness and watching this video makes me happy”.Watch this video, enjoy it and tell me what you think. Kindly subscribe to this blog via mail for easy sharing. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding.

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  1. STALEEEEEEE!!!!!! -_-May D always cracks me up when I watch that video. apart from the fact that he sang only like 5 lines, his dance and facial expressions were funny. anyhoo, I am keeping your lastma jacket 😛

    1. LOL u still had to shout stale? OLodo. i will gladly wear my lastma jacket for this one

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