Do you need a new year resolution?

#BlogFest #50DaysCountDownTo2015 – DAY 46. Written by Adora Ndidi. She blogs at

It was 12midnight when the pastor announced welcome to 2014, and everyone screamed in excitement “happy new year” what is so going to be good about this year Lily mumbled. I entered year 2013 with so much enthusiasm, had my new year resolution and monthly to do list well mapped out but it’s one year and nothing had worked. I don’t have a job yet, no boyfriend to talk of marriage, no life, I feel so weird like I’m the “oddest” from this side of heaven.

I’m Lily and in this year I have decided that no new year resolution because it never works, I will just live my daily life, I will try to be more friendly although everyone around seem to irritate me too often, I will go to a vocational school so I can be ready for anything (Nothing must take me unaware and unprepared)

I went around and greeted my family and friends happy new year, we got home that night, we slept and unto January first. I offered to help out with the cooking and my siblings were shocked, was I that terrible? I mumbled and continued to chop the onions. The food was not a fab one but I learnt my mistake and I moved on.

Like I told myself, I went to register for event planning whilst I enrolled for online management course. In less than 4months, I got my certificates for both programs.

A friend of mine was getting married in the month of May so of course I got ready for the party and then prayed that my Boaz will locate me. I dressed modestly and also positioned myself in case he was at that wedding. I sat down at the reception watching my friend and her handsome husband dance when this dude walked up to me and ask if he could sit? I said why not with a broad smile (remember I have to position for my Boaz) we got talking and then we exchanged numbers and we got talking afterwards.

Fred has everything I prayed for in a man; He is handsome, wealthy, romantic, God fearing and a GOOD COOK jeez! I can only imagine (so in love lol!!!!!)

He commended me for my efforts to become better and said afterwards that he wasn’t looking for an already made bride or one who knows it all but someone who is loveable and willing to learn.

I got a job when I least expected it and when I was still trying to recover from that shock, he proposed. I thought I was dreaming until I slept and woke up with the ring in my finger.

His parents are so loving and my few months with him has been amazing!

I’m enjoying my job (less work and more pay) my dream job hehehehe!

I’m getting married in few months and I can’t wait for the future, I can see, smell, and sense it whatever you might call it and I know it’s going to be a glorious one.

Did I tell you I got a brand new car as a birthday present? Oh yea! I no longer jump from one danfo to the other or queue for Brt naah! Life is good and I’m grateful for 2014, it has been a wonderful year so far and I know that 2015 is going to be great!!! No New Year resolutions but I proposed in my heart to be better than I was last year and also smile and most importantly to Position myself and lo my Boaz located me at the right time, I’m sure I would have missed him if he came into my life last year

2014 was a great year but 2015 will be greater

So looking forward to it!!!!

What about you?

You don’t need a New Year resolution; you just need to be better and prepared. Nothing should take you unaware! Twitter – @aDORAble_oma

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  1. Every time I make a new years resolution it never turns out how I expected it too…no news resolution this year ….things will be better.

  2. Made resolutions and actually made myself achieve them. I was so proud when i checked the list and saw that I had ticked most of them walai. LolThe main resolution was to make sure that yhe rest pull through

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