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#50DaysCountDownTo2015 – DAY 40. Written by Da goddess

Episode 1

It wasn’t that abortion was new to me, just that this girl was too young and did I hear ‘again‘ from her!!! So it wasn’t her first and probably not her second. I’ve done D&C for quite a number of female patients during my school days and I’ve had two myself. Even after school and at home job searching, I and my roomie eliminated pregnancies for girls. D&C fetch lots of doctors and nurses good money. You’ll be surprised at the number of girls that get pregnant every day and 70% of our cases was just that. I can still recall an ugly experience I had that made me and my roommate quit doing that business in our one room apartment. We refused at first cause our client was seven months pregnant which was very risky to carry out by us amateurs. Although at the hospital we do have such cases, ladies leaving the pregnancy till that late stage, probably; hoping the men will marry them, the money wasn’t available at the time or they’ve been taking pills to get rid of it but it refused coming out and before they realize it, its 7 months already, who knows the reason why they leave it till its late.

Finally we agreed. She said she’ll pay twice the money we would have charged. It was too mouthwatering to resist. That very day she came, handed the money to us and we injected her with what will induce labor. Usually the baby was supposed to come out dead but after she pushed and pushed the baby came out alive and screaming. We were shocked and confused. When we were done, the lady quickly wore her dress, also surprisingly she was strong cause she was supposed to rest for hours before leaving for she just went through the trauma of childbirth but instead she was up and ready to leave. I and my roomie didn’t know what to do with the baby. When she was about walking out the door we asked her what we should do about the baby and she said she didn’t care after all she paid us well and without even a glance at her child she walked out the door. I stood there crying as my roommate wrapped the baby whose cry was weak in a towel and put in a polytene bag.

What are you doing I shouted, you’ll kill him” It was a boy.

She looked at me and I saw nothing in her eyes; no fear or remorse. “I’m doing what the injection should have done” she replied.

But this is cold blooded murder“, my hands were on my head and I felt I was going mad.

She walked over to me and shook me furiously.”What will you have us do? Take the premature baby to a hospital and then what? We will be held responsible. We’ll pay for the baby’s upkeep, the treatment, the incubator, everything. We can barely feed ourselves” When she still saw doubt in my eyes she added “The mother didn’t even care so what is it to us? Put on something and help me dispose of this baby” and with that said she picked up the baby whose end was inevitable and walked out the door and like someone in a trance I followed her. Thank GOD it was already dark outside, our mission was to throw the baby at a dump site. I could still hear the whimpering of the baby through the bag. Just as She was about to fling it someone shouted

Heys heys, so una never hear say make people no dey throway durty for here abi

Immediately I wet my pant as two men emerged out of the darkness and the baby chose that moment to give one last shriek like a cry for help. That was how I and my roommate found ourselves in jail. We had to cough out all the money we had. We spent about a hundred and fifty naira for bail the next day. The baby finally died and for months I wasn’t the same. Since then I had vowed never to have anything to do with an induced labor.

I told the girl to hold on as I went to get nurse Yemisi. She wasn’t at her duty post and just when I was about to call out her name I heard a moaning sound coming from a closed door by my right. Remember that I love amebo, so I tiptoed slowly to the door where the sound was a little bit louder and I bent to peep through the keyhole and it was exactly what my mind had conjured. Yemisi was on her knees with her right hand wrapped around Dr. James private part while her left hand played with his balls as her mouth went up and down his shaft.Da goddess. Twitter – @immune70

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  1. OMG!!! What people do tho’ how can a right thinking person abort her 7 months old baby?! I feel sick already….

  2. Wow it’s amazing the length people would go. i mean if you want to have sex get a freaking condom…they were manufactured for a purpose

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