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#50DaysCountDownTo2015 – DAY 41. Written by Mr. Chrurch

I’ve been trying to smach this chick for a long time now and she keeps turning me down. So was so bent on the fact that I was younger and she doesn’t do young boys. She was 27 but looked like a 22 years old girl. God made this day that I meet her at her work. She is very beautiful with the most stunning tits I’ve ever laid my eyes on, she was 5″4, a 44DD breast, and she might have weighed 100ibs. Her skin was deep, heavily tanned, light enough for me to see the veins tracing through her magnificent tits clearly through the pale blue blouse. She wasn’t wearing any bra, her nipples were dark chocolate brown, almost black, 3.5 inches in diameter and came to a point almost a half inch long. Her nipples slowly crinked, growing harder and longer.

She was surprised to see me there so she immediately took a coffee break and hurriedly walked me out. “What are you doing here” she asked I wanted to see her and won’t go till she give me an answer about screwing her. She laughed and finally said. “You know you are a mad man sha, meet me at my house today by 7.” And that was it, just like magic, I started praising myself that I went there. So I got home and couldn’t stop thinking about her. It was 6pm and I showered and headed out, when I got to her flat, I called her and she said the door was open.

As I opened the door, it revealed a very naked Julie. “Hi Jude, I’ve just been getting ready for you“. I stood there with my mouth hanging open, all pretense of self-control gone. There she was totally nude, the smell of sex thick in the air, she was clearly aroused. Those magnificent nipples I had thought about all day were long and erect and even a little swollen like maybe she’s been pulling on them. Her pussy also looked like it may have had a little work out. In addition to the pussy being puffy and full, they were slightly parted and there was a trail of moisture running down the inside of both thighs. My cock stiffened as I had examined the body that had been on my every thought since morning. I hurried in and shut the door behind me, removing my jacket. There was a bottle of wine on the table and a glass and then she told me to help myself. I sat down and did that, then she came and sat opposite me with her legs spread. I sipped the wine while I enjoyed the view. “I have to tell you, am soo horny right now and am going to burst if I don’t cum” Julie said. I just sat there drinking, after all she was the one running the show. She picked up a dildo about the length of a pen and the thickness of a good-sized carrot that must have been lying next to her. Still facing me, she slowly rubbed the tip over her clit several times before pushing it deeply into her pussy, raising her hips to meet it.

Oh that feels good” she said. I shifted uncomfortably. I was very hard and getting harder, and my pants were not providing the room I needed for my expanding cock. Julie’s head was back and her eyes were closed as she sensually gyrated her hips in time to the deliberate thrusts of the dildo. From where I sat, I had a perfect view of the cylinder as it plunged into her pussy, her lips separating obscenely as it went in, and clinging tightly to it when she withdrew. The sweat was starting to pool on her stomach, at the point where her tits met it. She looked up.

Get your clothes off, and help me out. Now!

There was no mistaking the hunger in her voice. I almost jumped over the couch as I stood to respond to her command, shedding my clothes as quickly as I humanly could. In no time, I stood before her naked, waiting for her next directive. She’d watched me as I stripped, positioning the dildo faster and faster as my clothes came off.

She only had to ask once. I immediately got between her legs and licked the trail of moisture that had run down her thighs, savoring the salty/tart taste as I moved up toward her crotch. In this position, I had unobstructed access to the area between her asshole and her pussy. I licked it feverishly, like a little boy trying to finish his ice cream before it melted. Every once in a while I made sure to linger around her asshole, force my tongue into her. Whenever I did, I was rewarded with moans of encouragement.

Oh yeah, yeah! Like that!

She was building toward a mind-blowing orgasm, and I knew just what to do to get her there. Without slowing my oral attention, I reached up and began to rub Julie’s clit in time with the dildo’s thrusts, pressing firmly on her button and moving in strong, circular motions. It was more than she could take; within moments, she was flying over the edge.

Oh shit!” she screamed.

Oh God Damn! I’m cuummmming! Arrgghhhhhhhh.”

Without the fear that the neighbors might hear her, Julie was very vocal. Once her orgasm started, I found myself unable to continue the assault with my tongue, because she was bucking too hard for me to remain in any sort of consistent contact. Finally she lay still on the table, spent and satisfied. If I don’t fuck this girl soon, I’m going to go out of my mind, I thought. I was about to say something to that effect when she raised herself up on her elbows and looked over at me. She got off the table and took my clothes off and then asked me to lie down. Now flat on my back, she climbed onto the table and positioned her pussy over my mouth. I responded instantly, snaking my tongue out and probing her already sopping wet pussy. Masturbating had left her pussy nice and open,

So I could easily work my tongue up into it. Involuntarily, she began to fuck my tongue as my cock grew harder and thicker.

Ummm, good boy” she moaned.

I placed both hands on her waist as she fucked my tongue. I was sucking her pussy as best as I could and she kept moaning and shivering. I stretched my hands to grope her tits, I squeezed her nipples and I could feel her body response, then I knew I was doing it right. Then her pussy gripped my tongue and she came a little. Still lying on the table, she shifted backward and sat on my laps. She asked me to close my eyes; that I did. After a while of suspense, I felt the table move, then a hand on my cock and the unmistakable sensation of a very wet pussy coming into contact with my cockhead. Oh God, yes, I thought. I had no idea what was in store for me, but I knew that I wanted to fuck her really bad. She moved frantically above me, rubbing my cockhead along her outer lips, soaking it in her juices. She was so hot, and so wet, that I wouldn’t have been surprised if she came right there. She pressed down, applying pressure, trying to insert my cock in her. Her efforts finally paid off and I felt my cockhead move forward and into her pussy. She simultaneously sighed and moaned as it touched a sensitive spot inside her. I saw stars! Julie had the most amazing pussy I’d ever felt, soft and warm inside, it was as if each muscle had wrapped itself around my cock and was steadily massaging it. Once she hit bottom and I felt the hot sticky wetness of her pussy on my pelvis, she slowly withdrew until only the head remained embedded. I could feel her legs quivering with the effort, and would have smiled in satisfaction had I not been juggling so many other feelings and sensations.

She felt incredible! I’d wanted to fuck her since and now here I was, my cock sliding into her, the movements tortuously slow. Julie rode my reverse cowgirl like a monster. I finally opened my eyes and I could see her lovely ass pounding on my firm cock. She had a love tattoo at the top of her butt line.

Uh huh, Uh huh” under her breath, and started to slow her strokes to delay her cumming. I felt her pussy contract as her orgasm began, and the chanting got faster. Apparently,as her pussy got tighter and encountered the thickness of my bound and restrained cock, it set off a second orgasm right after the first started. The force of cumming back to back twice caused her to knees to buckle, ramming my cock in up to the hilt; as my cockhead plowed deep inside her, an orgasm was touched off and she screamed. This was more than my abused cock and balls could handle. My balls began to contract, trying to force cum through my bound shaft. Unfortunately, Julie had done a good job. I groaned in pain as my cock spasmed inside her, unable to drain any of the cum that had built up. The spasms extended the third orgasm, causing her to lean forward spent and exhausted. Gradually the lady on top of me reluctantly removed my cock from inside her by standing up, my cock withdrawing with an audible, wet pop.

She climbed down moved away from the table. She told me to stand up and sit on a chair which I did. Without warning, she began to kiss and lick my cock, savoring the pussy juice that had dried on it from my earlier encounter. I shifted my hips, trying to relieve some of the pressure in my balls. Her mouth was incredibly hot, like she was running a temperature. I could not believe the vigor with which she attacked my cock. She had no trouble opening her mouth wide enough to get the head in, and she did so, doing her best to swallow me whole. After sucking for a while she stood up and came nearer, bent down a little and placed her nipples in my mouth. I sucked on it, nibbling and biting, causing her to actually drip unto my laps. Moving back slightly, she reached below her and tried to guide my cock into her waiting pussy. Without much struggle like the first time, it slid in with a sucking sound. When she rose up, it felt like her pussy gripped and climbed, but when she slid down, it was like fucking warm pudding. I moaned into her tit, which made her pump a little harder. I kept both hands on her waist to support her movement. Her pussy felt stretched and tight and full. She thought she could actually feel the ridge of my head and the veins on my shaft, she was so turned on. She knew she wouldn’t last long at this rate. As she increased her pace, she felt my body tightening under me, and knew I was reaching orgasm again. She then slammed me harder and in reaction to this, my orgasm peeked. I began shooting load after load of hot cum into her. Deep inside, Julie felt the cum stream into her, and her orgasm also began. Her pussy clenched my cock milking the cum, as she slammed repeatedly onto my lap, unable to hear or see anything over the roar of her orgasm and the slap of our crotches. It was a wonder the chair didn’t collapse under the pressure. It felt like I came for hours, there were so much cum, and in the end she must have reached her limit because gobs started to drip out of her pussy as she leaned against my chest, worn out. She rose and kissed me, snaking her tongue into my mouth. And Yes, Indeed, that was a great fuck.

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