ALL YE COMIC LOVERS!!!In the year 2008, a young boy who goes by the name Ikoghode sumaina a.k.a Sumaisky tried to while away time as he waited to gain admission into the University. He did this by making comic strips and having fun while at it. Little did he know that his strips would grow into an intriguing local fantasy. From little strips he was able to come up with a whole volume of his unending story. But soon he got into the university of  Benin to study civil  engineering, while his incomplete comic book went into the shelf and accumulated dust on it over the years. Recently he came across his old comic book, looking really ancient now. He was so amazed that a tear dropped from his eyes. To think that he had under took such a project at a time made him so proud. However he was sad that nobody else knew about this he had done.  And then he thought, why not share it with the world (God bless the internet). Tada! here we are. Well, I’ll be sharing a comic titled TRIWARRIOR. It’s a comic created and developed by a good friend of a friend, Sumaina . He’s an all-round artist. You can visit his blog by clicking his name.The story line is awesome, captivating and erm erm eh…(I don forget wetin i wan talk). Just read on! All rights reserved! ( Warning – NOT SO SUITABLE FOR MOBILE VIEW!!)triwarrior coverTRIWARRIORTRIWARRIORTRIWARRIORTRIWARRIORTO BE CONTINUED NEXT WEEK….

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  1. Wow, I can’t believe I never saw this.. and it’s been ages. Elsie talk to me. How did I miss it?

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