Nurse Nancy – 17


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I woke up feeling like a complete new person. And this person I woke up to be I sure didn’t like her. If I do I can get lost in this new system, this life style and before I know it one day I’ll be popping coke into my nose. I’m not a very strong person when it comes to my control over some things that’s why I stay away from alcohol, weed, heroin and other destructive elements including men. So far I’ve not been lucky in that department. Now I’m lying on a drug dealer’s bed, having sex with him; yes cause of the money, I’m doing things I’ve never done before and I’m scared of him. I got up from the bed trying not to wake him up but I was unsuccessful as his eyes fluttered open.

“And where are you going madam?”

I picked up my torn uniform and underwear before answering him

“In case you’ve forgotten sir I do have a job”

There was anger in his face when he replied

“I know you do but I don’t fucking care. I can give u money that you can’t even earn in ten years working there. Now come back to bed I’m starting to get a hard on again”

I couldn’t control my anger. It’s been building up in me just waiting to explode and it chose that moment to do so

“And be what to you? Your whore!!! Fucking you every now and then?” He just lay back with this nonchalant look on his face which ignited my anger.

“Well I’m sorry sir I can’t do that. I can’t be your whore 24/7. This is something I’ve never done before. The money was good but now I’m not so sure if I made the right decision. I have a life out there, I have a job and I don’t take to kindly to you ordering me around and telling not to go where I want to cause that was not part of the deal”

He still had that annoying smile on his face

“I like you cause from day one I knew you weren’t a whore. But get this straight I don’t like the tone of your voice and whatever I want, I get”

Now I was really scared but still I mustered enough confidence to turn my back on him walking towards the bathroom. I didn’t get far before I heard the bed rustle as he lifted his frame off the bed. I know any minute now he’ll be at my side so I quickly ran towards the bathroom but he was faster than I was. He grabbed my two hands turning me around to face him.

“Get your filthy hands off me” I struggled but he was stronger than me. He managed to get both my hands locked behind me

“They weren’t so filthy last night when you screamed as they grabbed your arse while you were on top of me fucking my brains out”

“Please just let me go” I pleaded trying to fight back the tears clouding my eyes

“But I can’t baby. No one has ever fucked me this good before” he bent down to sniff my hair before his teeth connected to my throat. “No woman has ever made me feel this horny. I want more of you baby”

That moment I knew I was in serious soup. I had to talk my way out of this

“You act like I’m not going to come back. I’m just going to work”

He laughed so hard releasing his grip on my hands. I was able to free my left hand.

“Look, I’m not stupid baby. After what happened I know you won’t come back “

I stroked his beard lovingly

“Believe me darling I will” I tried to make my face convincing enough. “You’re yet to pay me. The money is too huge to leave behind”

He pushed my hand away from his face. “I’m not stupid Nancy”

“Well I never said you were”

He grabbed my breast not too gently

“Then convince me. Make love to me now”

I wasn’t in the mood. I’m not sure I ever will be with him again. I was scared of him

“But I’m late for work already, please when I come back my dear”

His hand went down in between my legs

“But I want you now. Can’t you see how much I want you”

I could feel his erect dick pressing firmly into my naked skin

“Please when I come…”

He didn’t let me finish

“Just a quick one” and with that said he turned me around and had me bending down while his hands played with my clitoris. I gritted my teeth with my eyes shut tight. I was angry when I felt myself getting wet before he wore a condom and plunged into me. His thrust was fast and quick even as he held my waist digging deeper into my wet hole. I moved my waist in a circular motion so he could cum quick. No use standing like a stature because that would only prolong his ejuculation. I was glad when I felt his body jerk as he finally came. I pushed him off me, rushed to the bathroom to shower. When I got out he was back in bed grinning like a satisfied baby who had just been fed to his fill. I hurried up with my dressing. I was beginning to feel claustrophobic, I couldn’t wait to get the hell out of here. When I was set he pointed at the stool close to the bed. I grabbed the wad of note on it. I might as well take what I can cause I had no intention of coming back. The driver took me to the hospital with a promise to return by 6 to pick me up. He can return whenever but I sure wasn’t going to join him. I walked into the hospital feeling like a convict fresh out of jail. I hugged Yemisi and Ngozi when I saw them. They questioned me with a worried look on their faces but I just smiled. The day went by, nothing interesting occurred. Patients came and left. I took my rounds of attending to the admitted patients with so much joy. By 11am precisely a woman in her late 30s came in asking to see the doctor. She insisted on seeing own of the white doctors. Since doctor Philips and Miles were in surgery Yemisi told her her they were busy at the moment and only doctor James was on call and if she don’t want to see him then maybe we can be of service if she can’t wait.

The woman paused probably pondering on her next move before replying

“Well you see, I only have female children and it’s beginning to cause issues in my marriage cause my husband wants a male child badly.The last time I was here I spoke to one the black doctors about my situation. He told me what to do and gave me drugs assuring me that if I follow those procedures I was sure to give birth to a boy. Well I did and the result was another girl so I need to talk to a professional”

I was very sure Ngozi was hissing deep inside of her. The way the lady said black doctor like she wasn’t white and professional like it was doctor James fault she and her husband kept popping out girls. I know sometimes white people could work miracles and so does this lady so Yemisi told her to wait if she could. We avoided telling her the things we were taught that could work before she comes back 9 months later blaming us if they produced another girl. She went over to one of the seats, picked a magazine as her wait began.

When it was 12 we all trooped into the dining room reserved only for nurses. Ngozi was the first to speak up

“Imagine that woman” and she stood up to mimic the woman while we all laughed

“But she is just wasting her money when the solution is quite easy” Yemisi said

We both turned in her direction speaking at the same time

“And what is this easy solution?”

“Its all in the way she makes love to her husband”

I laughed while Ngozi hissed

“Yemisi don come again”

Yemisi stood up

“No I’m serious oh. If you want a male child you don’t make love to your husband, you fuck him”

This time Ngozi joined me in laughing

“You girls can laugh all you want but that’s the truth. You don’t just lay down there while he mounts you. You get up on him and fuck the living daylight out of him”

I almost fell off my seat as I roared laughing at her logic. She looked at us as we laughed almost choking.

“I’m serious here oh. Didn’t you see that lady, she looks like the type that will just balance while the husband do all the work. It doesn’t happen that way. Men are strong creatures physically and to produce them you’ve got to be strong and creative in bed. You’ve got to leave all those proper lady etiquette behind and be his whore. You’ve got to be in charge. Mount that man. Sit on his dick, enjoy it deep in you then roll your waist on it going up and down on his shaft while he screams your name. Fuck that dick like you want to break it. Dip it low then bring it up slow before dumping it hard on him” using a line out of Christina Milian’s song and she gave us a performance as she moved her booty up and down to an imaginary partner.

“Kia!!! Where them pick this girl from now and men don’t scream they moan and groan in pleasure” Ngozi said

“You see my dear, you are mistaken. Men scream if you know how to fuck them wella.”

“Yemisi stop feeling like one badoo ohhh and sit down, men don’t scream”

Yemisi sat down back

“Then you are the type of woman that will end up producing girls for your husband”

“Mumu somebody. Thank God this your own theory doesn’t work”

I was finally able to speak out amidst my laughing fit which I wasn’t yet able to recover from

“I thought women has nothing to do with it. Thought it’s what the men puts in that’s what she brings out”

“Abeg leave that thing. It’s what you put in bed or should I say how you put it in bed that determines it all. Just believe me when I say fuck your man well and you’ll pop out male children”

“Crazy girl” Ngozi hissed again

Lunch break over and we were back at our duty post. After lunch we had a hectic day. We had two accident cases, stitched their wounds, 70 minutes in the theater with the doctor as he carried out an emergency caesarean section on a pregnant woman and admitted another patient who almost died from typhoid and malaria. By the time it was 6 I was clearly exhausted. I picked up my bag, said good night to Yemisi and Ngozi before heading for the street. I saw the Don’s car with the driver in it just parked up ahead waiting for me. He saw me and got down ready to open the back seat for me.

“Please don’t bother. Tell the Don I won’t be coming with you today. He went ahead, opened the door and inside there was one of the Don’s men with a huge gun pointed at me beckoning me with his other hand to keep quiet and come in. I was so scared I immediately got in without a second thought. What the heck have I gotten myself into again. I seem to always use my own hand to put myself in trouble. Now who was going to help me out of this mess? Who will I run to? It’s so obvious Bosco couldn’t. The Don was way out of his league, besides I bet he’s in the Don’s payroll. I felt like crying. Just bury my head into a pillow then cry myself to sleep. We got to the Don’s house and the dude with the gun ushered me into the house. Don Corleon was sprawled on the sofa like the boss he is looking mean and menacing with a Cuban cigar in his mouth.

“I see, you wanted to run from me”

I walked over to him

“What’s the meaning of this? Am I now a prisoner?”

“No my dear. Please have a seat” he patted a space by his side but a chose another opposite him.

“Baby you don’t have to be scared of me”

“I wasn’t before but you made me to be by acting all possessive”

“Can you blame me? You belong to me”

I got up and shouted “I don’t belong to you or anyone”

He leaned over the table dropping ash into the tray “I don’t mean it that way. I’m just so hooked up on you right now”

“Get unhooked then. This deal is off”

I held his gaze for a minute without blinking before he turned to get something at the corner of the sofa. It was a ghana must go bag. He unzipped it and I my eye balls expanded as I saw bundle of naira notes laying there, waiting to be spent.

I wasn’t going to give in, no way “You can’t buy me”

“I’m not trying to baby. I just need you with me always before I return to the states. You can even stay here if you want. Once I’m gone this place will be empty. I can lend you one of my cars if you want. My men will be gone once I’m gone. Think about it baby”

Did he say return to the states? That means he won’t be here for long. He’ll no longer be around to torment me. I was so taking the money or wouldn’t you if you were in my shoes? I finally smiled as I walked over to take a seat on his lap and he smiled too.

“If that is the case then let me take good care of you before you leave”

I went down on my knee in between his legs. I took my uniform off slowly enjoying his gaze on my huge breast.

“You like them don’t you?” I held one running my tongue over it

“Baby I love them. They are so beautiful”

I brought his dick out from his trousers. As usual he was already hard. I bent down, held my breasts close together then dipped it down to his shaft. Now I had his dick between my breast stroking his dick with it. He closed his eyes moaning out loud. I continued this sexual exercise on him enjoying his reaction as his dick slid smoothly in between my breast.

“Baby you are just too much. You are the best”

I continued till he finally came on my breast. He wanted to apologize for the mess but I waved my hand, winked at him as I rubbed his cum all over my breast slowly in a circular motion. Then I lay down on the center rug, opened my legs wide and while my right hand was busy stroking my boobs I transferred my left in between my legs playing with my clitoris. The Don was a goner as his dick immediately stood up again as he watched me with desire darkening his face.

Written by Tanya
Written by Tanya

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