Now will I rise!!

Now will I rise!!

I am many broken peopleI have broken dreamsSlowly losing hopeas I watch my livespass before my eyesas in a film.I want to be lovedBy the He whom I selectednot ignoredSame person who claim he was madefrom this sandI make him my leaderBut then He dusts of the sand.Match on me like a rulerWith claims He is refinedI will Arise!I Am the cry of the peopleI am the hungry massforced to live in starvationI am in the lowest classHe called me lazycause I stretch my handsTo receive milk like a babycovered with dirtin the streetsI know it is lazyBut is this not my land ?Rich habitation flowing with milk and honey?am I just an abandoned monkey?I desired the honeyand was willing to work for itbut He wanted it allSo pushed me to the ground.But now will I rise!!My rights I will give to no manNo man except me shall lead my clanI am the hope of the futureI am the bind and the sutureI shall unite my brotherscall forth the othersand togetherWE SHALL ARISEabove the dusts of timeAbove hungry beggarswaiting for food stamps on linewe will fight for our causewe will stand as a forceUntil once again our nationRespects all of us.Then we shall reclaim our lost gloryLambs we may beBUT WE WILL RISE AND RISE AGAIN UNTIL LAMBS BECOME LIONS!!!

ABOUT POEM: I is the society, and He is the government. The pains of a careless government is never felt by the government, but by the masses. About Author: Oju Omamogho,(call me Oma) 200 level physiology student, in the University of Lagos.

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