Know This

Sometimes its difficult for us to accept we’ve been fooledDifficult to take the walk of shameDifficult to bow and sayMy sorry isn’t enoughWe all know thisBut here I amAccepting I’ve been a foolTaking the walk of shameSaying sorryeven though I know I’ll need say it a thousand and one moreI know thisPlease let it mean sometime to youLet it touch you somehowLet it creep into your spineTo shake away my wrongsLet your heart know thisThey say African men hardly accept they are wrongEspecially not to their wivesBut here I am, I care less of your genderNeither are you my wifeThe world know thisYes you are femaleBut your gender hardly describes youYou are unique in natureAs strong and daring as an eagleOur friendship has been my pillarI sure know thisHow do I let that goTelling you how I felt insideOr is it my selfish manly thoughtsI agreeMy kind know thisYou said I shouldn’t have uttered those wordI agree, and if standing on those words means losing our friendshipThen I didn’t mean themI love you, yes I doBut as a friendAs that friend I want to sit at the park withAt age 70Sharing how life treated usIf not together, then separatelyAccept me back, we can’t be together emotionallyBut our friendship is a soul oneYou know this and I sure doknow this

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