Who I am

I live amongst you, we wine and dine together. As supposed human beings we have thoughts limited to us, but what are your thoughts about me as of mine to you?In the sanity of my quietness I create the insanity of my actions. I watch them provocatively dressed, the well dressed are not left out of it as I imagine the sight of the unseen. I crave for squeezing those boobs and making their ass clap with the spank from my thrust. As long as you are a woman, you are a prey.The devil, the evil in me is what they do not see. The coward, the bastard that I am is what they have no knowledge of.So I pounce on them, one by one like a serial killer. I devour them, time after time like a timekeeper making sure nothing passes him by. I watch them helpless, I love when they scream, it propels me when they beg. I crave for violence of that of body, mind and soul. I am feminine destruction.I know, I am aware and I don’t need to be told; I am a curse, a demon that has a ready plan of blaming the devil if caught. I am a beast, a predator hunting for preys. I am what the sound of the words “No, please don’t do it” feels more like “carry on, am loving it”. I am heartless,…. I am Rape. Say No To Me!rapist-man#SayNoToRapeFowe Adetoye @hotsaucestillzToday is the last day of the seven days #SayNoToRape campaign presented by a group of young talented writers. Thanks to you that followed, shared, joined in the campaign and showed your support, we and your unborn children are proud of you and grateful. Join us on twitter today at 6pm with the hashtag #SayNoToRape. Lets Say No To Rape in one voice. God bless you.  

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