Night Class (R-18+)

Night Class (R-18+)

Jenny pushed up her reading glasses and rubbed her eyes. The noise from outside had swelled to deafening proportions and she knew reading in Agric, at least for her was over for today. It was the faculty’s campfire night, and the DJ outside had finished setting up and was test-running his equipment. Exams were still two months away, so she had time. Usually, she preferred to read sketchily, then build up to frenzied reading during exams, but this semester she was adopting a different approach. She wanted to power-read throughout the semester, so that she could coast along and revise during exams. She was in 300 level, and CGPA was beginning to be a factor, so she figured she could as well up her game and make the year count, after all, four hundred level was IT, and then final year, so this was as good a time as any to build up her CGPA. Second class upper (2.1) or first class was not dependent on final year.

She removed the glasses and examined them. The fact that she had to wear glasses disgusted her. Her eyes felt fine, and if not for the medical examination she went for as a part of procedure for getting her international passport, she would never have known about the disorder. Thankfully, it was a minor problem, one that could be corrected by glasses, and so far she didn’t experience any pain or discomfort, and didn’t strain her eyes unduly, she was okay. She hated wearing glasses. They made her feel like an old maid. Twenty one was hardly old, she mused. People perceived the bespectacled as staid, conservative and backward. Boys hardly ever bothered to toast girls in glasses, particularly when they were not massively endowed. Jennifer knew she wasn’t a typical Nicki Minaj, with boobs and ass all over the place, but she was no ironing board. Her slim curves suited her just fine. She slid out her phone from the pocket of her jeans.

Ochuko. Her boyfriend. She opened the text.

“Missing you. Horribly. Coming over? No? Yes?”

She smiled. Ochuko was horny. She was horny too, she hadn’t had some in about three weeks, but the problem was that Ochuko never quite satisfied her in the sack. She believed in size, and Ochuko was not exactly a general in that department. He was nice, caring, but sometimes those things did not count. Like now. She crossed and uncrossed her legs restlessly. If only Ochuko had a bigger cock.

She slid her books into her bag and crossed the classroom to where her friend Amadin was reading.


“What’s up?”

“Abeg, my seat dey near window, and this noise no go let person concentrate. I wan waka around small, clear my head. Help me hold my bag.”

“No wahala”

She headed out of the faculty. Outside, the party was in full swing. A number of her classmates were jigging around to the music, and they waved to her. She waved casually, disinterestedly, and walked on, breathing deeply to fill her lungs with the crisp night air. Perhaps this restlessness would stop.

This itch, this longing. Suddenly the lights went out. Power outage. She pulled out her phone and switched on the flashlight to see by.

Thankfully, the organizers had the foresight to power the sound with a generator, so the partying continued unabated, in the dark. A cab drove by, headlights illuminating the stretch of road before her, and she caught a glimpse of Ikem, her classmate. Ikem was in soil science, while she was in crop science, but the close proximity of their disciplines meant they would be taking classes together till final year. Tall, somewhat thick, and bespectacled, Ikemefuna was the essence of everything she feared would happen to her if she wore glasses all the time. Ikem was ridiculed by the boys and scorned by the girls. He was always the butt of jokes, and the fact that he never wore jeans and T shirts always made him appear ridiculously formal, making him more awkward.

She often felt pity for him, but what was one person’s pity in the face of the ridicule of the entire class?

She called out. “Ikem!”

He turned. His rough afro and glasses gave him the look of an owlish professor, but he was not exactly at the top of the class. He studied, just like her, just like everyone in class, but … face facts, he was no genius.

She walked towards him as the school’s generator kicked in and the lights came on, bathing them in the glare of the streetlights. He saw her then, and adjusted his glasses on his nose with a finger.

“Jenny, hi”, he replied

.”Whassup? Where to?”

“Our faculty na, to read, why?”

Campfire night, noise, partying. Loud music. My advice: go somewhere else.”

“Naa, too far. Besides, if I need someone to explain something to me, I’ll leave wherever and start coming here, after which I’ll go back there. I’ll manage here instead.” He adjusted his glasses again.

“Okay, suit yourself, but I warned you”

“Thanks for the heads-up”

She stood there, watching him walk away. She wondered the kind of thick skin the guy would have had to develop, to endure the near constant ridicule of the class. She pulled out her phone and typed a reply to Ochuko, informing him she was in school, reading, and would not be able to come. She hit the ‘send’ button and imagined Ochuko groaning in dismay when he got the message.

Hastily she typed again. “Miss you too, baby”

A few minutes later, as she was walking back, she met Ikem in front of the faculty building.

“Did I not tell you? Crazy noise, one can hardly hear a thing, talk less of read.” The noise drowned out the words, and he touched her elbow and inclined his head lower.

The lights went out again…..

The crowd was roaring its approval as the music blared on, and Ikem had to yell. “Didn’t hear you, speak up!”

On an impulse, she grabbed his arm. “I said let’s go and dance”, and without waiting for his response, she dragged him into the crowd of heaving, squirming people dancing mindlessly to the beat.

Jenny was pleasantly surprised. Despite his owlish mannerisms, the guy was a good dancer. Better than good, she corrected herself. Between the booming beats and ikem’s superb moves, she felt the music take control, as she abandoned herself to the beat.


The crowd went wild, wriggling like spaghetti. Timaya’s latest club banger was a crowd favorite, and the shouts that followed the DJ’s introduction of the song was proof of the approval, if the enthusiastic gyrations and contortions of the crowd would not suffice. Grinning with mischief, Jenny suddenly turned, backing ikem, and grabbing his hands, she wiggled, grinding her backside against him….

What the hell?!

She half turned. Ikem was there, grinning sheepishly, a look of surprise and confusion on his face. Jenny, on her own part, was stunned. She had just ground against what was possibly the biggest cock she had ever felt! It was not even fully erect, and already it was huge. She ground against him again, slowly, confirming her suspicions. She began to bump, wiggle, and grind, delighted that she could produce such a reaction in the normally formal and officious Ikem.

The horny feelings she had taken a long walk to suppress returned in full force, swamping her with need and pooling heat in her crotch. The sudden onrush of need made her weak in the knees. She grabbed his arm and leaned back against him, all too aware of the huge lump poking at her backside from inside his trousers.

“Something the matter?” he asked, leaning down.

She realised that despite the owlish glasses, afro hair, and whatever else….. He smelt very nice.

“Let’s take a walk, I wanna clear my head.”

A good distance behind the faculty, far away for noise not to be a distraction, the faculty maintained a tractor shed, where tractors were kept. Students on IT also held their Agric engineering lectures there. It was to this shed that she steered Ikem, making small talk about the songs they had been dancing to.

As they walked past it, she turned, faced Ikem, and reached for his shaft through the material of his trousers. Previously wilting, it began to rise back to life in her grip, as if it could sense that a good time was in the offing.

“You were using your tool to disturb me while we were dancing abi?” She queried with mock severity.

“I’m sorry, it’s just……” The rest of his apology went unsaid as she deftly unzipped his trousers and freed his magic stick from his boxers.

“God, you’re so big!” An involuntary moan escaped her as she sank to her knees before him. Taking his cock in both hands, she kissed it gently, reverently, on the cap. She held it, marveling as it expanded and hardened to its full capacity, ran her tongue lovingly over the cap, once, twice, then took him into her mouth.

Ikemefuna was speechless. He pinched himself, hard. He thought he was dreaming, but the sensations coming from his cock were too real to be a dream. He reached down, and held her head, as she worked wonders on his shaft. He had never imagined he would even be on properly friendly terms with a girl like Jenny, but here he was, about to come in her mouth……

Jenny stopped. She knew if she went too far, he would ejaculate, and she was far from finished with his glorious cock. She stood up and kissed him.

Shyly, he kissed her, then with increased confidence. When she slipped her tongue into his mouth, he nearly freaked out. As they held on tight, lips fastened together like mating leeches, she realised that under the formal, ill-fitting clothes, there was a rock hard body, and… His cock throbbed again, nudging her in the belly. She ran her hands under his shirt, feeling his abs, his chest, and all the while his hands were running over her body, inside her cardigan, under her bra.

Ikem pulled her up. They went to the tractor shed, and he sat down on a bench. Pulling her close, he lifted her to sit astride him, while he unbuttoned her cardigan and pulled up her top. Ikem could not contain his quick intake of breath. Her breasts were full, round, with large nipples that absolutely begged for attention. He leaned forward to suckle one, while one hand tweaked and fondled the other nipple, his other hand tried unsuccessfully to unsnap the button of her jeans. She eventually got up and unsnapped her jeans, and in the dim moonlight, she felt as though she had the Great Flood between her thighs. She looked to him in mild confusion.

He stood up, taller than her.

“Jenny, I….”

She silenced his mouth with a kiss that dissolved the awkwardness surrounding them. Ikem helped her roll down the jeans, and as she made to step out of them, he said “shhh” and took off only one leg. Same with her panties. He lifted her up and placed her on the bench. Bending, he began to kiss and suck her pussy.

Jenny was in heaven, or as close to it as humanly possible. Her thighs were quaking, she couldn’t think in straight lines. She felt like laughing, crying, moaning, screaming…. She sat up. Pulling him up, they adopted the sixty-nine position on the bench.

She tongued his balls, alternately slobbering and dry-licking his cock. After a while Ikem stood up.

Jenny felt his hands spread her thighs ever so gently, and when she felt his huge cap spread her labia, she gasped. The guy was HUGE!!!!!!!

Ever so gently, he eased himself in, giving her time to stretch to fully accommodate his length, his thickness. He was beyond huge, he was fucking mighty.

She felt the beginnings of an orgasm trembling in her insides as he slowly pushed his massive cock in, to the hilt. He began to thrust. Oh, my, she thought, I’m going to die of pleasure. It felt like firecrackers were going off deep inside her. The coming orgasm swamped her, and she shuddered and screamed as the climax mushroomed through her, spreading and filling her entire being.

And still he pumped, thrusting like a man possessed. The blood was roaring in his ears, he was experiencing indescribable sensations. The walls of her pussy were gripping and releasing, gripping and releasing, and somehow at the same time she was jerking her hips to match his thrusts.

Soon, he was quaking, quaking like an epileptic, and he clenched his teeth tightly to keep from screaming like a lunatic as the orgasm tore through him, spurting and spurting like a fountain gone mad.


Strangely silent, they arranged their clothing and made the best of their sex-rumpled appearances.

Awkwardly, Ikem began,”Jenny….”

She cut him off with a raised hand. “Don’t apologize, we’re both adults and we know what went down. If anyone is guiltier, it should be me. But I’m not sorry, not in the least.” Ikem burst out laughing as they walked slowly back to the Faculty of Agric, faces brilliantly shining with post-coital afterglow.

Five minutes later, Jenny walked past the still thumping beats of the crown dancing in front of the faculty, and entered the class. Walking up to Amadin, she signaled for her bag.

“Jenny, you don de go?”

“I need rest. My head don full. ”

She was full, alright, but not from reading.

Written by Ikechukwu (Loud Pen Ink)

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  1. wow. so there is a demand for part 2? perhaps the part two exists. i will kuku call the Loud guy, e be like say i get am for bbm.

  2. Finally a post where the lady is the first to make a move and she isn’t seen as a “whore”… Lovely piece.

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