9 Crazy Ways To Burn Calories

9 Crazy Ways To Burn Calories

Burning calories without having to go to the gym has been my secret goal for a long while hence the joy when I found this 9 crazy ways to burn calories on asianetindia. I sure will be doing a lot of Kissing, laughing and shopping (on your bill…LOL) from now on. See the 9 ways below:

1. Laughing: When you laugh continuously for 10 minutes, doesn’t the tummy hurt? Laughing benefits in weight loss and one can burn around 20 to 40 calories.

2. Shopping: Pushing a shopping trolley up and down the aisles, in a mart, is a great way to lose weight. This form of exercise will enable you to burn around 100 calories, and the advantage of this exercise is, as the trolley gets heavier, the more number of calories you will burn.

3. Kissing: Kissing your partner will not only improve your relationship, it will also help you burn around 2 to 4 calories. More intimate the kiss, more number of calories you will burn.

4. Green Foods: Experts state that one should add green foods to their diet, as they aid in rapid weight loss. To burn calories, eat raw celery, kale, spinach and cucumber. These green vegetables are fat-burning foods.

5. Walking Your Pet: Walking your pet dog for 30 minutes can help you burn around 100 calories. So, make this a habit to stay healthy and build a good relationship with your pet as well.

6. Chew That Gum: Chewing gum burns about 11 calories per hour. It also benefits oral health. One should only opt for sugar-less chewing gums, as they are healthier.

7. Texting: Constant texting can help you burn around 40 calories per hour. Though this form of technology is considered to be bad for the health, it still has a speck of positive health benefits.

8. That Warm Hug: A hug is one of the best ways to show love and care. Hugging your special one for an hour can help you burn around 70 calories.

9. Lovemaking: Lovemaking is an ideal and crazy way to burn calories. One burns about 200 calories during 30 minutes of active sex.

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