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I was late again for my classes. Third time this week. I was half running and walking the distance from my hostel to the Faculty of Sciences. I had just skipped over the large drainage that ran along the whole length of the school premises when my peripheral vision caught it.

She was wearing the usual student uniform of jeans and a t-shirt. She had a small jacket on with the shirt neatly tucked inside her jeans. The waistline of her jeans dipped from the stretch of her arse. She had moderate breasts but it was her thighs that caught my attention.

You know some guys say they are either breast guys or arse guys? For me you must have chunky thighs. I hate to see slim women or women with thigh gaps. I mean a real woman must have thighs that brush one another…maximum friction.

All thoughts of lectures evaporated from my mind. I mean, what thigh guy sees a babe and walks away, mba not me. I casually strolled over to meet her under the tree where she was standing. Luckily she wasn’t one of those stuck up babes who gets all saucy because of their assets…or in her case thighsets. We spoke at length and didn’t realize 2 hours had passed till she said she was hungry.

We went for lunch…on me though and had a wonderful time for the rest of the day. By the time we got back to her hostel it was way past 9pm. As I turned to go, she called me back and told me she was free the next day and she’ll like to make me lunch. Mentally, I erased all plans I had for the next day. Just before I left, she planted a kiss on my lip, giggled and walked away.

Bruh! My imagination was all over the place. I nursed the king of hard-ons all the way to my hostel. That night I couldn’t sleep. I had dreams of those thighs. I woke up a full two hours before my alarm went off in the morning. I tried to busy myself with activities. Hell, I even shaved my pubes. On my way to her hostel, I stopped to buy a bottle of wine.

I got to her room feeling, looking and smelling like a million bucks. I knocked and her roommate opened the door and let me in. I walked in and saw the object of my desire in a transparent silk singlet and bum-shorts that graciously showed her thighs. Lordy Lord! I sank into the nearest seat I could find. Her friend caught my expression, smiled and excused herself. The babe told me she was about to take her bath and would join me later.

The moment she came into the room, clad in a towel that barely covered her bum, I pulled her to me. In the process the towel came off and I had a good glimpse of those thighs. I squeezed them. Checking for spot or marks or whatever, but no she was perfect. She lay on the bed, spread open her thighs and commanded me to eat her. The moment I buried my head between her thighs, she had me in a lock. Thighs formed ear-muffs around my head. My tongue flicked rapidly on her clit. I sucked, flicked, bit lightly on her knob. She screamed in ecstasy. I worked her till she hit an orgasm. Her thigh hold on me tightened, stopping the rush of blood to my head.

I tapped her on the thigh until she released me. She got up from the bed and took off my clothes. She grabbed my already stiff cock and slurped on it. I’m not a head guy but she gave a mean blow job. Tired of the oral pleasure…cos I didn’t come for that, I placed her gently on the bed and bent her legs under her, in a jiffy I had sheathed her dick with a condom. I lifted her butt cheeks and slowly guided my way into her wet vagina.

Oh boy did I pound. Her thighs made clapping noises and rippled while I fucked her. She held her screams in for fear of being heard. She trashed about, pulling the bed sheets with her. We climaxed at the same time. She got up to clean up and five minutes later brought me a plate of food and in her words “you would need your energy”. I gobbled up my food in seconds while she ate slowly. We cracked open the wine and shared stories. All the while we were touching one another. She opened her thighs again and flashed her pussy lips. I dove straight between her legs, fingers forming a trident while I teased her cunt.

I climbed onto the bed and she sat on my face. Using my hands to support her thighs, I ate her out till she squirt in my face…her first time. Throwing caution to the wind, I turned her arse towards me a drove in. Three quick thrusts and four slow thrusts I went, keeping up pace and tempo. This time she screamed. Her pussy walls clamped and released itself repeatedly on my shaft. With one last hard stroke I shot my load up into her…pouring the dregs of my cum…yes you guessed it…on her thighs.

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  1. O my gawd…. I wished I was the one enjoying that.mehn! that was hoooootttttt

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