My Beautiful Fragrant Flower (BFF)

By Damilare Rilycks

Like a full moon on an autumn night, you emerged amidst star lights

With each graceful step, you illuminated all that crossed your foot path

Wearing a smile so surreal, I almost took you for a fairy

For the aura and charm that comes with you, I can’t compare with any

The scent of blossoming flowers and your ethereal fragrance are two of a kind

Powerfully alluring enough to enchant any sane mortal out of his mind

If the entire world was within my beck and power

I will give it all to you, my beautiful fragrant flower


Just like yesterday when I first set sight on you Aduke, my heart flew high

Like I was on eagle’s wing, soaring through a cloudless sky

In that instant, I knew you got me spell bound

My heart screaming for you, I can hear it clear and loud

It is that charm in your eyes, and the infectious smile on your face

That makes time slip by and assured me i’m in a better place

If love truly exists and it goes beyond time and boarder

I will love you till the end Aduke, my beautiful fragrant flower


Just before I met you, I felt I could not love anyone

That nobody would be able to fill the void in my heart anymore

Then u walked in, breached the wall with your shinning light

Before I could see through the light, you have captured my heart

At first, the fear of rejection held me back, but it couldn’t have held me for much longer

Because with every hesitant pause I took, my heart only grew fonder

Even when the going gets tough and the road get rougher

I will never give up on you Aduke, my beautiful fragrant flower

Zainab Olawumi Aduke

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