Fun Ways To Spend Some Downtime Online

Fun Ways To Spend Some Downtime Online

With the busy lives that most of us lead, we all like to have downtime now and then, and what more convenient way to spend it than online? Via the internet, we have endless sources of different and entertaining diversions at our finger tips. Below are some of the best ways to take five online.

Fun Ways To Spend Some Downtime Online


There’s nothing like playing a game to help you unwind. Online slots make a great choice because the results of each spin are decided by Random Number Generator in the gaming software so there’s no way that you can influence the outcome as a player. That takes the pressure off you and allows you to enjoy the games for exactly what they are – pure entertainment, mixed in with the chance of winning a cash prize, if luck is on your side.

Alongside the ease with which you can play online slots, there’s also the massive variety of themes to choose from. One slots genre that’s really popular right now is the comic book superhero. If you take a look at bgo’s blogpost on its top five superhero slots, you’ll see some familiar faces there. There’s Iron Man, Spiderman, the Incredible Hulk and all of the Avengers. Of course, all of these are Marvel superheroes and part of the reason that these particular slots are so popular at the moment is thanks to the huge success of the Marvel movie franchise in recent years. What better way to get in the right frame of mind to watch this year’s upcoming Marvel movie – Captain America: Civil War – than by playing some superhero slots featuring all the big guns from the Marvel hall of fame?

Of course, superheroes are just one type of slots. You may be in the mood for a game like Fluffy Favourites or Da Vinci Diamonds instead. At bgo, the slots are handily organised in different categories so you can find something that interests you quickly and easily. And if you’re not familiar with how to play, read the introduction to playing slots at SkyVegas and try out some games in fun mode at Caesars Casino before you bet with real money.


Fun Ways To Spend Some Downtime Online
“Online shopping” (CC BY 2.0) by Robbert Noordzij

What better way to spend a bit of time unwinding online than indulging in a little retail therapy? Shopping online has taken window shopping to a whole new level. You can look at literally thousands of shoes, handbags, coats, dresses or whatever else you’re after when browsing online. If you get tired of scrolling through lots of different websites, then why not try out one of the personal shopper style apps such as Closet Space which helps you choose weather-appropriate clothes as well as how to declutter your wardrobe. Walk in My Closet, meanwhile, helps you organise your existing wardrobe and add potential purchases to the virtual closet. You can then sort through your wish list in conjunction with the clothes you already own and make sure you only really buy the items that will bring something new to your wardrobe.

Take time to think about life?

Fun Ways To Spend Some Downtime Online

The idea of keeping a journal is something that appeals to many of us, but how many times have you started a diary on 1st January and not kept it up throughout the year? The problem is often when you leave journal writing to the end of the day; when you’re too tired to put pen to paper. Instead, try keeping an online journal – either on your email or with a specific journal app. These can be great as they prompt you to think about different things to write about – great for those days when nothing special has happened and you don’t feel particularly inspired. Another advantage of a digital journal is that you can easily store photos alongside your musings.

Taking the time to do something that’s purely about relaxing will give you that chance to destress and unwind, and then you can pick up with whatever else you need to get done during your day.

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