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It’s not so easy to pull through
Maybe another day for the truth
Probably till maybe noon
When my body is feeling good

Oh! Why come this day?
Definitely not today
What’s the need for pain
When I see no gain?

It’s such a life of such
More thoughts on my thoughts
Than force on my actions
No more or less a fault

Even in my will to change
Tomorrow then, I will say
If not, then plans will change
To the next day

So finally in my view
I think am a pro at casting
Yeah, casting away thoughts
Of taking actions
Not completely all
Obviously not more

My turn will come
My change will come
In my hands lies the wheel of change
But I decide to turn it another day
Or probably find another way

Poem by Ese

Feature image source – ODYSSEY

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  1. Sad enough tomorrow won’t come
    Another today will be here
    My flesh will still not will
    I’ll have to wait some more.

    Pick up the piece of you
    Muster the little strength in you
    do the needful today
    Make today go with an achievement

    Be pro active
    Stop pro out casting
    Be the best of you.

    Lovely piece there.

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