Mistress – 2

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It began with a Facebook message. “You are so opinionated!” you would have been offended, you would have asked him to fuck off but you replied with a laughter emoji instead and as they say, the rest is history.

3 months of back and forth on Facebook messenger, few weeks of drooling over each other on WhatsApp till that day in August when you laid underneath him amidst thrusts. You had such deep connection, it was difficult to evade him.


You are staring at your phone, at the text Teddy just sent and you are not sure if you want to cry or laugh.

 “I miss us”

You sigh and sit with half your buttocks on the bed and the other half floating. Teddy is a memory you loved to forget but also loved to remember but you don’t lick old wounds. What’s done is done, you delete the message and open your Facebook. There’s another sex scandal, leaked sex chats between a married man and his side chick. Everyone is vituperating in comment sections for and against.

“All these stupid girls that won’t close their legs. I’ll bath any girl with acid if I see her around my husband”

“It’s the man we should blame, he should zip up.”

“Who asked her to go and check his phone sef?”

“It’s insecurity to police an adult cause he is married to you. I hate to break it to to you but your spouse is attracted to another person, its normal.”

“Nothing pesin nor see for this Facebook.”

You log off and imagine for a moment that it was you, that Sam’s wife sees his chat with you. The thoughts make you cringe. May your fears not be redeemed. Its 09:15 am, you call the restaurant and order breakfast, no anxiety a plate of hot chicken sauce and potato chips can’t cure.

Sam would show up later with some dresses and lingerie for you. “How did you know my bra size?”

“I looked it up.”

“Be serious now!”

“Okay, I saw it the first time I undressed you, which I’d love to do over and over and over again.” His face was coming close to yours. Again, you were anticipating his lips on yours but you remember the scandal on Facebook. You asked him to stop and he did, while entwining his finger with yours.

“Are you OK?”

“Do you delete our chats?

“Uhmm. The most incriminating ones. Why?”

“Like my nudes?”

“Yes. Why?”

“So you don’t have my nudes.”


“I don’t believe you” he hands his phone to you and you go straight to your WhatsApp messages and delete your conversation, including all media. You do same for the Facebook messages. He stops you while you are about opening his file manager

“What’s all this about?”

“I don’t want any scandal.”

“Do I look like a hungry millennial kid to you?”

“What if your wife sees it?”

“She knows.”

“She What??”

“She knows about us.”

You give out a weak laugh. You remember the commenter from Facebook who promises an acid bath on anyone who dares to come around her husband. You jump off the bed and start packing your clothes into your bag.

“Are you crazy? How do you think she feels?”

“It’s an open marriage.”

“You are a hilarious man!”

“Zira, please, let’s not talk about my marriage. What’s between us will stay between us. You deleted everything yourself”

“They will still be somewhere.”

He etches close to you and takes your hand

 “You are safe with me.”

“Go back to your wife.”

The light on his display screen comes on, incoming call. It was his wife, you knew because he ignored the call.

 You snatch the phone from him but the sight that greets you, made you throw the phone right back on his lap.

The face on display was familiar.

You remember her from the night you and Teddy decided to have a threesome for fun, she was the other woman.

to be continued…

by Farida Adamu

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