Memoirs of Eva – 13

memoirs of Eva

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The sheets were draped around her legs and she struggled to get herself freed from them. With a quite unladylike grunt, she forcefully threw the covers off her.A voice sounded behind her, a soft chuckle filling the room. “Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.“She fought to place that voice in her head, where did she know it from?”Hmph” she responded, not bothering to form understandable words.”Hungry?” The voice asked.

More like hung over.” She replied with a hand on her forehead.Where was she?”Now that you say that, I do remember you had quite a lot to drink at the bar.” She felt him stir besides her, most likely getting into a sitting position. Getting up, she was grateful for the shirt around her, she’d have been mortified to walk around naked with a hangover.Again, she heard the chuckle, this time stronger and more manly.


Her head suddenly got swamped with last night’s events. She remembered they’d had dinner together after she beat him at pool continuously. Although, she hadn’t been stupid to think she’d won fairly every time.Then he’d led her to the dance floor where he’d made her feel like she could actually dance. She had been treated to multiple glasses of various drinks from time to time and she had taken them all without stopping to think until he’d put a stop to it.She couldn’t even remember when they’d left The Place, much less how she’d gotten into bed with him. She finally looked up at him and saw his lips formed in a smirk. He swept his eyes over her, stopping a little too long at her legs and where her legs formed a ‘V’.”Ah hem” she coughed to remind him she was there.

Oh yeah, you’re still here.”

The cheek of him, she thought quickly before grabbing a pillow to throw at him.

He grinned that sexy grin of his before he leaped out of the disarranged bed.”Really, Eva? A pillow fight?” She nodded, suddenly forgetting the spin her head was going in.

As he threw a pillow at her, she realised that she’d have to deal with her hangover later.***************Few hours later, she was back in bed with Tunde, her head on his chest and her fingers tracing lazy circles on him.

They’d stopped their pillow fight long enough to have separate showers and get their stomachs filled up.A full English breakfast had sent Tunde deep into the sleepland, head first. At least he’d stayed awake long enough for her to find out that he had quit working for her parents after he got a managerial position at a pretty upscale firm.

She’d also fished it out of him that they’d done nothing apart from a make-out session that led nowhere much to his frustration.As she lay on the bed, all she could think of was that she had played around with three different people in one day. Although Tunde’s had been after midnight so it technically wasn’t the same day as Gina and Dayo, she tried to reason.The steady rise and fall of Tunde’s chest were lulling her to sleep and she snuggled into him, fitting into the curve of his body. Somehow, his arm snaked itself around her neck and pulled her closer in a gentle manner.Sotto voce, Tunde asked if she was alright and she replied in the affirmative, nodding her head. She smiled, just happy for the peace and serenity being with him brought.She didn’t want anything exclusive with this fine man, but she could do with a body to curl into in the midst of her crazy life, she thought.She felt his lips brush against her forehead before he tangled his fingers in her messy weave. “Close your eyes and sleep, madam. You just might have a crazy day coming your way, you never know. You know how last night turned out.“She giggled lightly and Tunde thought it sounded like a twinkle in his ears. He knew Eva was amazing, forget her crazy mood swings and attitude at times, but he doubted they’d pursue any serious thing.And he figured he was fine with that.”It’s my turn to tell you to sleep, mister” she said, her voice bringing him out of his reverie. He lowered his hand and smacked her on the bum before he pretended to snore as he slept.This time, he joined her as she laughed.*****************”Babe?“For the second time in a day, Eva struggled to get the sheets off her. She remembered she hadn’t covered herself before she slept off. Maybe Tunde had.At least she remembered where she was this time around.”Eva? Are you awake? Your phone’s been ringing for the past few minutes.”At that, she scrambled out, frantically searching for her phone. How had she managed to go without her phone?”What day is it?”

Err, Saturday?”

The 26th?“She seemed to be in a panic frenzy to Tunde, so he just nodded at her. She swore under her breath and ran her fingers through her already messy hair. Spotting her phone, she grabbed it and began to text. At some point, she received a call during which she apologized all through.He narrowed his eyes at her behaviour and wondered what was up with her that made her so panicked. Scooting to the edge of the bed so he was close to her, he pulled her gently to him and asked what was wrong.She allowed herself be pulled and fell onto him, causing him to fall on the bed. She managed a small smile.”It’s nothing serious. I forgot my sister’s birthday.” She bit her lip as she remembered Lisa’s hurt voice.”You have a sister?”Eva shut her eyes and inhaled deeply before she rolled off him. “Yes, I do. We aren’t related though.”He watched off, willing her to talk.

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