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Tunde drove with his hands relaxed on the wheel as if he had no particular destination in mind, but he knew exactly where he was taking her. He had been silent since they left her office building and had not even bothered to spare the lady beside him a glance.Eva was getting more apprehensive as he drove. She was even more worried that he hadn’t said anything to her. The Tunde she knew was not like this. She grudgingly brought out her phone and aimlessly scrolled through her Instagram feed, liking a picture here and squeezing her perfectly made up face at others.”You seem to especially like that picture.” His voice cut deep through the silence that had descended on the car.

It took her some time to understand what he meant; her eyelids closed briefly before she exhaled and inhaled slowly. She had been looking at a particular picture for about three minutes. And what was worse, there was nothing spectacular about the bowl of fruits or the healthy living caption.Tunde chuckled at her obvious discomfort and turned on the radio. He mentally kicked himself for not doing that earlier. If not that he had seen her dwell on the picture for so long, he wouldn’t have known the silence affected her.”It’s not my fault the guy sitting beside me won’t spare me a glance” she retorted, her voice now composed. He smiled and replied instantly, “So I’ve upgraded to ‘guy’ now? I thought I was merely a driver, ma’am.“Her face went bright red and she dug in her purse like she was looking for something important. He knew she wasn’t, she was only trying to escape the awkward situation. And he had caused it.Heck, he’d only wanted to say something funny. If he had known it would cause such a flush, he’d have kept his mouth shut. But it was good to know she felt some remorse for that night.”So, err, how was your day?” He asked out of the blues. Way to go Tunde, he thought to himself sarcastically, way smooth.Her laughter brought him out of his mental confrontation. It tinkled and rang in the car, spreading warmth around him. He had never seen her laugh so genuinely as she did now. And he could have sworn it was the best feeling ever.”What a way to make conversation,” she said, finally raising her head up from her purse. “It was good, though. Funny, sort of, but pretty good. How was yours?“He murmured a response that mirrored her before he turned back to the road. Few minutes after listening to Big Sean’s I Don’t Fuck With You, her voice pierced the silence.”Hey, err, do you have any thoughts about… Girl-on-girl?” Her face turned crimson red again as she quickly tried to explain. “I mean, I’m not interested or anything, but I just wondered.”She turned away and Tunde had to suck in air to keep from bursting out in a fit of laughter. So she was into kinky stuff? His mind went on a journey of its own, imagining how her lips would look like as she licked another girl’s pussy or how her ass would look in the air as she worked a dildo in a girl other than herself.”I have no serious opinions about it. As long as you don’t end up marrying a girl.“She gasped in horror and replied quickly, “Oh, I’d never think of marrying her; it was just a quick fling!”He raised his eyebrows a little and smirked. “Well, well, you have to tell me about this ‘quick fling’.“Seeing as she was bursted, Eva opened up and told him about how Gina had come to her office and the ‘good but-no-so-morally-good evil act’ they had done. When she was done, she looked up at him, hoping for a reaction but all she noticed was that he had parked the car and his eyes were closed.“Is something wrong?” She asked. He shut his eyes tighter, willing the thoughts evading his mind to go.”No, nothing. Just what you said, it’s got me thinking…” He stopped and drew in a deep breath before he opened his eyes and re-started the car.”Forget about it. I’m sure you’ve been wondering where we’re going. I was going to surprise you, but I figured I’d tell you now.”She smiled to herself and asked where. “A restaurant at Lekki. Food cures everything, especially good food for a bad day. And the Place has just that. We might even end up playing a couple of games and end up at the club. Or what do you think?“Eva giggled at his statement and replied, in a perfectly practiced flirtatious voice, “Couldn’t be more perfect, honey.”He winked at her and turned back to the steering wheel. They didn’t talk again until they got to their destination.

Here we go, mi’lady.” He said as he opened the car door for her. “Take my arm, will you?”**************************************

I won again!” Eva screamed, her tousled hair bouncing up and down at her back. Tunde leaned back against the pool table and pretended to sulk in defeat.

You cheated. You keep seducing me with those long lashes of yours and your hair. Its not fair, y’know. You ladies never play fair.”She took a couple of steps towards him, continuously batting her lashes, until she stood right in front of him. “Is that so, darling?“Yes” he replied before he put his arms around her and captured her lips in a kiss.Soon, he was unaware of every other person in the room except the lady who was in his arms. She opened her mouth and gave him entrance.His lips pressed tightly against hers, too forced, as if he expected this kiss to be their last and wanted to savour it for eternity. His lips were smooth, supple. His bottom lip pursed tightly over Eva’s.His hands caressed her neck, slowing sliding up to her flushed cheek. His hand was cool at first, until it made its way to her cheek.After that all she felt was the intense warmth radiating off her skin.”Eva“, he breathed, after a couple of seconds. She raised her head up and looked away from him. She felt terrible. In less than a full day, she had kissed three different people.Before she could dwell too much on her thoughts, he pulled her away to the restaurant downstairs and sat them at a table.”I’m sorry about that. I thought you wanted it like I did and I just acted on instincts. I didn’t mean…”

She placed her hand on his and shut him up.”It was amazing, and I wanted it just as much as you did. I just felt somehow but I really wanted it.” She sat back and gave him a dazzling smile.

So, what’s for dinner?”Few minutes later, the duo was happily digging into their plates of fried rice and chicken, with a bottle of wine. Their table was filled with laughter and gay merriment, and they were almost in a world of theirs.”Where next after this?” Tunde asked in between bites of chicken.Eva slurped down some wine before she responded, “Nowhere else. We’ll just stay here and keep ordering more food until we’re too full to move.“He threw his head back and laughed loudly then stood up.”The restaurant’s 24/7 babe, let’s hit the club? Dance the food away then come back for more, or what do you think?“She didn’t bother replying with words but instead stood up and allowed him lead her to the club.


Eva looked at Tunde across the room. He stood at the bar, swirling a glass of Jack Daniels in his right hand as he leaned on his right hand at the bar.She winked at him and turned her back to him. Swaying her hips to the sides, her dress clinging to her firm body, she turned her head towards him, her hair flipping to the side.She nodded and smiled at him. As she was about to walk back to him, she heard a squeal.”Omg!! Eva!!” She turned to see her childhood friend, Seyi. Soon, she felt herself been pulled away from her spot on the dance floor and she turned to blow a kiss to Tunde.

Tunde grinned and put his glass on the bar, requesting for another drink. Maybe vodka this time, he thought, something stronger to get his loosened up tonight.It really wasn’t so late into the night but the things he wanted to do to Eva in that dress were going to go late into the night.He didn’t realize how far his mind had wandered until he felt hands on his shoulders.”Hey big boy, looks like you’re lost in thoughts?” He laughed at her boldness. “Didn’t someone steal you away?”Well, I’ve been returned now, or doesn’t it seem like?”He managed to pull her to his front and led her to the dance floor. He leaned down and whispered into her ear, “Sure seems like.”Finding the perfect spot for them, he pulled her close and turned her back to him, making sure his crotch was between her ass crack.”Ready for some fun baby?

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