The man and his heaven


What’s your definition of heaven? When you close your eyes and think of the heaven you want, what do you see? What things do you refer to as heaven on earth? We all know the ideal answers to those questions but let’s be honest here, do we really see Jesus and Angels and singing praises all day long when we’re in heaven? Capital NO.

I saw a question regarding this and it got me thinking, it was something on the lines of “would you be satisfied with heaven if it had all your favorite foods, people, places, and was peaceful if Jesus wasn’t there?” the ideal answer would be “No! Of course not”. But the honest answer is Yes, I would. Add all the pizza, ice cream, Spaghetti and chicken, all the people I love, My favorite TV shows, peace and tranquility then minus the war and everything that’s wrong with this world, all the foods and people I can’t stand and that’s heaven for me, a place of continuous merriment, Jesus or no Jesus. I’m sure if my pastor reads this he’d schedule a deliverance and counseling session for me but it’s the truth.

So if heaven had all the things you love but doesn’t have Jesus, would you be happy? Or if hell wasn’t a place of punishment but just a place with all the good things of life would you be happy to go to hell? Answer this honestly, forget about the answer that’s required of you, find your true answer. And let me know how many people will be going for deliverance and counseling with me.

P.S if your honest answers to all the questions aren’t the ideal ones, your relationship with Christ isn’t as good as you think it is.

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  1. I agree with the writer without any reservation. For all I know, the only reason everyone is interested in Jesus is because of the rosy promises of all that is good accompanied with no evil. So what then should be my headeache if eventually, I miraculously find myself in such a world but unfortunately, Jesus isn’t there? Ofcourse I will not bother as to the whereabout of Jesus or rather ask the question of why He isn’t there because I should know that He has fulfilled the promises and also that He is more than able to take care of himself.

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