A Dangerous Love Affair – 2 (R-18+)

A dangerous love affair

A dangerous love affair – 1

The transition to president has been tougher than Emeka had thought. People were either lazy or just unwilling to accept the massive change that he was trying to bring about in the company. That notwithstanding, he was undaunted, whoever was against him would be steamrolled by the force of his will.

He jumped into his sleek Mercedes after a long day of work and was relishing the time he was going to get to spend with his family. Since he took over as president, it had been nothing but late nights and early mornings; this would be the first time in a long while that he would be able to meet his children awake when he got home, not to mention they would be able to share a meal together.

As he zipped through the rush hour traffic, his mind was wandering over all of the different things that he was a part of now and how his decisions would affect the lives of thousands. It was not his fault that he was more ambitious than they or that he was not afraid to seize opportunity when he saw it. That was the way of the world either you build your dream or you help somebody else build theirs and right now he had thousands of people building his dream.

He pulled into the parking garage of his new house in Lekki, it was too new to feel like home but it would only take a few more weeks and his children would be sure to do something to mark their land. Maybe they would dig a hole in the yard or color on the walls with permanent marker he thought, smiling to himself; children will be children.

He walked down the short drive to the front door and pushed it open silently, the smell of his favorite soup greeted him and he knew instantly that Hadija, his wife, wanted to ask him for something. He was in a good mood so he might just acquiesce without much of a fight, depending on what type of meat she had chosen for the soup.

Michael and James were playing their PlayStation and noticed him as soon as he stepped around the corner that blocked the view of the front door.

Daddy.” They shouted in unison, jumping up from their game and rushing to greet him.

Hey boys.” Emeka said picking each of them up in turn and throwing them high into the air to the accompaniment of delighted squeals.

Welcome home dear.” His wife said taking his briefcase and giving him a short kiss.

Even after two kids and being pregnant now, Hadija could still take his breath away. She was a little taller than average at about five feet eight inches, a height that complimented his perfectly. She had a trim curvy shape that promised just as much as it delivered in practice. Her eyes were almond shaped hazel orbs that complimented her golden brown skin perfectly. Her pointed nose, angular face, and curly hair gave away her northern roots and when everything was taken together she was simply gorgeous.

How was your day?” Emeka asked as he followed behind her closely.

Oh you know, same old same old, I think Michael has a girlfriend.”

What?” he chuckled, “A girlfriend, he is only five years old and I know I was seventeen before I had my first girlfriend.”

Hadija laughed at this. “Why don’t I believe you, anyways, the times are changing; take off your suit so that we can have dinner.”

Yes ma.” Emeka replied cheerfully.

They ate dinner together in easy conversation that close knit families engage in. Emeka grilled Michael about his “girlfriend” to the hysterical laughter of James. Hadija was busy explaining her plans for the house to Emeka and the boys and was adamant that the child in her stomach was a girl. As Emeka ate his goat meat, he knew he was in trouble because his wife had pulled out all the stops to make sure he was in a good mood. Now he was really curious as to what she wanted to ask him.

When she finished clearing the table and had joined him and the boys to watch a documentary about the mating habits of lions she decided to strike.

Baby.” She began, and Emeka knew he had lost because for her to bring it up in front of the boys it meant that she was going to enlist their help.

Yes love.

You remember when you said that we would visit your family in the US when you settled down at work?”

Yes.” He said noncommittally.

Well, it’s been weeks and the boys and I are really anxious to go.”

Yea daddy, you promised.” James said, jumping in Emeka’s lap.

Yes, I remember, and we will still go, I just need a little time to solidify my power base and get my plan moving smoothly.

But.” Hadija started.

No, don’t make me feel guilty, I promised that I would take you guys and I plan on doing just that but now is not the best time.

Ok, when?

“In a few more weeks, before you get too big to travel.” He said with a smile while rubbing her stomach. “Come on, I want to take a shower.” Emeka said, standing up and holding out his hand to his gorgeous wife.

A grin that made her look fifteen years old spread across her face because she knew what was waiting in the shower.He led her up the stairs to their bedroom and slowly undressed himself. When he was clad in his birthday suit he removed the loose blouse that his wife was wearing and made short work of the trousers he had donned for the evening meal.

Emeka directed her into the large tub that sat on one side of their spacious shower and turned the tap on full, soaking her body in seconds. As he kneeled next to the tub, he poured washing gel in the standing water; with one hand he slipped the forefinger of his other hand inside of Hadija. She moaned in pleasure and adjusted her body so that he could have easier access to her treasure.

He slipped his middle finger inside of her and slowly stroked the soft tissues that encapsulated his fingers. As he drew them out he put them in her mouth so that she could taste them and he did the same.Yummy he thought.

The shower gel had worked its way into a thick lather and obscured his wife’s beautiful body from his sight. Emeka began to scrub her body with the sponge that they kept next to the tub, working his hands across her firm breasts and pinching her light brown nipples which responded to his touch by stiffening. He moved under her buttocks, around her neck, and down her perfectly sculpted legs.

My turn.” He said abruptly as he stood and showed his pulsing erection.

Yes, it is.” Hadija replied huskily standing up in the tub slowly and allowing the suds to run down her body.

As Emeka slipped into the tub, his wife completely ignored his engorged member and made sure that she scrubbed his entire body clean. She washed his face, neck, back, arms, legs, and abdomen thoroughly.

Baby, I think you’re missing somewhere.” Emeka pleaded.

Really? Where’s that?” she replied mischievously.

There.” He said, pointing with his mouth.

Ahh, the best for last.

She did not use the sponge, instead she stood and stepped into the tub; slowly lowering herself while looking directly into her husband’s eyes.

Emeka moaned with satisfaction as she covered him snugly and started to rock back and forth gently; pulling and teasing him but denying him release. She was in control and he was not complaining, he just sat back and closed his eyes, allowing himself to become one with his wife.

He explored her body with his hands, a body he knew so well but never ceased to give him pleasure; even after all these years.

I really should complement her on it more often he thought to himself. Under the adept guidance of the woman that he had given his life to, he began to arrive at his climax.


Mhhmm?” she purred, thoroughly enjoying herself.

Come with me.

Your wish is my command.” She replied huskily.

As they came in unison, she collapsed on top of Emeka and lay there, neither one of them moving for a while.

Baby, come on, time to get out of the tub so I can dry us off.

Hadija reluctantly stood and held her hands open as her husband dried them both off. He led her to the bed and wrapped her in the sheets.

Let me go and put the boys to sleep.

Mmmm.” She replied groggily which drew a smile from Emeka.

After he had put the boys to bed and checked to make sure the house was secure, he laid down and the last thought that crossed his mind was I have the perfect life.

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