Magazine printed with HIV+ blood

WHO issues new guideline; Treat all people living with HIV

Hoping to end the social stigma surrounding human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) – the virus that causes AIDS – a Vienna-based men’s magazine called “Vangardist” has released 3,000 copies of its spring issue printed with ink containing a small amount of HIV-positive (HIV+) blood.To create the ink, three HIV-infected people – gay man, a heterosexual man and a 45-year old mother – donated blood. The donors’ blood samples were then pasteurized in a lab at Austria’s University of Innsbruck in order to neutralize the virus and render it intransmissible. The blood was then mixed into an ink solution that was used by the printing press.The magazine has assured readers that its HIV-tainted cover is “100 percent safe” to handle, pointing out that the virus decomposes and dies naturally outside the body in around 30 minutes.READ FULL GIST HERE 

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