#LoveLiteratiContest – ‘Ife’ by Enyawuile Hannah

Love Literati contest - shortlisted submission - elsieisy blog

What’s going on, Ife?” I playfully asked as my husband took hold of my right hand and pulled me forward gently. He blindfolded me about an hour earlier, helped me get into the car and drove to God knows where. He revved to a stop about five minutes ago and now helped me out of the car.

“Ife…. What’s all this?” I inquired for the umpteenth time. “Shush honey… or you’ll spoil the fun”, he warned sternly. I zipped up my mouth imaginarily.

Suddenly, I heard voices, I forgot the imaginary zipping as my fingers clutched my husband’s tightly. “Ife, I asked, “where are we? I can hear voices. Please, I hope we’re not at a robbers’ hideout. Ife, just tell me na…” I whined.

“Shush dear, we’re almost there.” He replied briskly. I had had enough. “Ife, that is it! I shouted. “I am not moving another inch till you tell me what’s going on”. My husband sighed and paused. “Honey, honey …. Please, answer me”, he said softly. ”Yes”, I replied grudgingly, sure he could see the frown my slight frown. “Honey, do you trust me?” he asked. “Blackmail”, I thought. But, I still broke into a smile. “of course, I trust you Ife.” I replied. “Then follow me. We’re almost there hon.” “Okay” I agreed. We moved further a bit through some doors till we arrived. I still heard voices as my husband pulled off the blindfold. It took a split second for my eyes to get adjusted to the light and I realized I was standing in our sitting room.

Suddenly, from all three doors, I heard shouts of, “Hurray! Happy wedding anniversary!”

I looked up in surprise as I saw my sisters and my parents, my husband’s family members and even some of my colleagues at work. I stared at my husband in surprise. “Ife, what’s all…..” I couldn’t finish my question as my husband silenced me with a kiss and the applause was massive.

“Okay”, he said when my husband finally removed the blindfold, “let me break the ice”. I was blushing all the way to my feet. I stood watching him as he fell to his knees and started, “seven years ago, I met this beautiful lady, Bolaji. I didn’t have much but I knew I loved you so much, I still do. Five years ago, I obtained all necessary consent and took her to the altar, I still didn’t have anything but she stood by me. This is really not our wedding anniversary. Just an anniversary of the first day she answered my shy “Hello” with a smiling “Hi” and changed my world forever”.

I was in tears by the time he was done, my parents as well. They’d tried all they could to dissuade me from getting married to this man but look where we are today, things had turned around immensely. But, I didn’t care about anything else riht now, not money, not houses, not cars, not riches… just Ife mi.

“Ohh… Ife…” I murmured softly. He stood, put his arms around me and said softly, “Babe, I’m gonna pimp you…”

That sent us roaring into peals of laughter.

E.C. Hannah.

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  1. Actually heart touching! The love story opened the pores of the brain and makes you have the actual feeling.

    Thanks a great deal ” Enyawuile Hannah”

  2. 🥰 this is beautiful!
    I must confess, this story light me up as a husband. God bless you abundantly Enyawuile Hannah

  3. That’s an awesome story from my strawberry… I really need to pray more for such “Ife”. More inspiration my love.

  4. Wow! beautiful story, this is the least of the great things I see you do☺️ God bless and increase you dear.

    1. This is suspense-packed and really creative. I was hooked from the first few lines and didn’t lose interest at all.
      It’s worth it.

  5. What a beautiful story. This kind of artistic piece of work resonates an expectant marital bliss even when one has not tied the knot yet. Keep it up 🙌🙌

  6. Wow… that’s some good flashback there. and the use of suspense was wonderful

    Nice write up😍👍

  7. This is romantic…. It reminds us money is not everything. Love without reason. And also commitment

  8. Wonderful piece by the legal story teller herself. I know you’ll make our country proud someday.

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