Love Literati Contest: ‘The Pledge’ by Mubor Samiat Yetunde

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For years I have longed for you,
I have stolen several glances,
Hoping maybe I will get my chance,
All hope washed away into the oceans,
Living me alone on the dry shore,
With nothing but heart filled with emotions,
Constant pondering and pure devotion,
My heart aches for your love,
As a vampire craves for prey.

Do you remember the first time we met?
It was like a solar flare,
You came emitting brightness into my life,
My heart was racing so hard,
It almost parted from my chest,
You brought light into my life and I fell for you,
An angel or the devil?
I had no clue who you where,
In my arms I dream of you never leaving there.

Do you remember the first time we spoke?
Like rain from the sky came words from your mouth,
Distractingly attentive i was,
Never minding a thing you said,
All my attention was on you,
I was struck on you,
Though the love I feel is unrequited,
The depth of my feelings are unlimited,
Slowly it spreads and your resentment is inhibited ,
Surely what I feel can not be defeated.

The thought of you clings on me,
Letting lose of all hope,
My beautiful yet perfect misery,
Like a butchers knife you split me into two,
Wanting you  and desperately  resenting you,
Posined by the promise of your love,
An antidote  is all I require,
Over and over you set my soul on fire,
With a  soul ablaze your love is all I desire.

Take my ashen hands into yours,
Let our fingers intertwine,
Grant me entry into thy heart,
Share with me your dreams
Let me be the reason you want to breath,
Tell the world that here with me is where you want to be,
Without me you short of dreams,
Deep within you my light shines dim
The thought you is the prize to redeem.

For years I waited for you,
To utter the right words,
Suddenly accepting that destiny is not on our side,
Then came the day,
The beginning of the end,
Drifting apart but you made a promise,
To make up for my flaws with your perfection,
It was sometimes last November.

Clearly I am not without flaws,
Tired of running from my fear,
So it is pleasing to say my dear,
I love you honey for you are rare,
All your troubles I will bear,
Only want to come home when you are there,
Promise to hold you close and pull you near,
When your demons are knocking here,
Will draw the sword and fight till my last breath,
This my darling I solemnly swear.

If I get to hold you as mine,
I promise to love you till the moon is scared to shine it’s light,
Till the sun has lost its shine,
Till the oceans are tears dry,
Till the stars are all that’s left in the sky,
Till the planet collides,
Till your world becomes mine,
Till you are all that is left to love,
Till I draw my last breath.

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