#LoveLiteratiContest – ‘Field of Sunflowers’ by Elnathan Iyalekhue

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I saw myself in a field of sunflowers, colorful bees perching on sweet sugary nectar. If I ever felt closer to heaven, it was that one moment when I felt I connected to something beyond. My eyes are closed, waves of biological electricity power me to travel further, into this field of sunflowers, to a small special place that might have been named Shangri-La. There, bold fire flies light the sky, and celestial music ooze from trees, that themselves, dance. In there, a waterfall, its pure healing water purified me into innocence, I was here, being born again.

Kissing Eva for the first time was like dancing on the wind, a small fragile world born by our lips brushing against each other, eyes closed. We had waited so long, stalling this moment through the hide and seek of wooing, and holding back feelings from spilling, while we had both long long fallen for the affection of each other.

Eva, the girl I met in the market.

She was the best bargain for that day, standing there in a navy blue polka dot dress, laughing softly, as she haggled with a fish monger, her dimples, deepening in, to mark her face like polka dots of love. I was blown away, God save me. I am human, and under the spell of beauty, the eyes would fall. Dark small bodied woman, her brown naturally grown hair, oiled, and held in a girly headband that was a shade of blue, haggling with the fish monger, had me hooked, like a fish.

I said a shy hello, and that, was months ago.

We met a few times, Eva and I, pretending it was casual, and many times exchanged love cards compressed into text messages, affection heavy messages, yet no love words in them, but full of longing between their lines. We smiled a lot when we met, enjoying the lovelust of daydreaming, just looking into each other’s eyes. We could talk easily about anything, she was easy to talk to, her heart listens, and her mouth says charming things.

Then, the lines began to fade gradually, seeing each other often.

We started holding hands, and biting at each other’s snack, and our hugs lingered, because we most times, deep down, didn’t want to part ways, yet, pretended it was nothing, the sweet folly of romance, denying blatantly, vivid emotions we hungered to satisfy. We kissed, many times, with our eyes, while our lips watched, waiting for a day they would be harmonized in a French embrace.

And then the night we kissed…

That night, everything in the universe connived with us, stars lit up the sky, and the park we usually met had us as its only guests. The bats that flew about, were excited by our love struck sight, crickets chirped harder, fire flies stood on flowers gasping as I pulled Eva closer, I could swear every flower in there stared eagerly with a smile as we fell into a field of sunflowers.

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