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Edosa had roamed the streets finally arriving at his former apartment. He had stayed there while he was at the university two years before

He walked through the door. A perk of being dead. Nostalgia had brought him here but he lingered for another reason when he saw the new occupant of the room.

Edosa felt a cold sensation run through him as he watched the most attractive woman he had ever seen disrobe. He didn’t have to wonder what the sensation meant.

“Arrrghh! she screamed as she hurriedly clutched her discarded shirt to her bosom. She was looking right at him

“Arrrrghh! He screamed too, shocked she could see him.

It took all the cunning he possessed to calm her down and get her to believe he was a ghost.


“What’s it like?” Amarachi asked

“Being – being she tried

“A ghost? He finished


“Not so bad, just that minor inconvenience of being dead is all” he said

“Sorry” she replied

“It’s okay. Listen do you mind if I hang around till I figure out what to do next.” he asked

“I guess not but you are going to have to reduce the number of times you watch me undress to the barest minimum. By barest minimum, I mean never” she said

“Of course, I got carried away. Next time I’ll wait till you’re nude before watching you he said smiling

“A ghost with a sense of humor. I think we’re going to get along fine.” she said returning his smile.


“Wait a minute, you listen to Mozart, Celine Dione, Lionel Richie?  He asked as he looked through her records.

“Yes and I don’t care if you’re a ghost. If you speak ill of them, I will hurt you.” she said

“Never. I love Lionel Richie” he said

They never knew when they started singing.

“I’m sure” he sang

“I’ve found” she sang

“In youuu” they sang

“My endless love! They finished together laughing at themselves.

“Great song, horrible voice” he said

“Shut up” she said giggling. “You’re the one that sounds like a bag of gravel being drawn across the floor.

“Maybe so but your neighbors can’t hear Me.” he replied

“You asshole” she said throwing a shoe through him as she giggled harder than ever.


“It’s movie night” Amara said getting comfortable on her couch with a cup of popcorn.

“What are we seeing?” Edosa asked

“I’m in the mood for a Series. You know Game of thrones? She asked

“You know nothing, Amara Orji” he replied in mock English accent

“How could you ask me such a question? “

“Shame! Shame! Shame!” he said gesturing as though ringing a bell.

“Spot on” she said laughing hard.


“You’ve read the ‘Way of kings’ he asked holding up a book with the title.

“Yes” she said “Brandon Sanderson is my favorite author”

“Okay, it’s settled. Marry me he said

“Very good she said

“I can imagine how that conversation would go. Mom this is the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. If you can’t see him that’s because he’s–”

“—so fresh to death?” he finished

“You’re terrible” she giggled


“My lady, your silence doth trouble me so. Would that I could be of help” he said as they star gazed on a moonless night.

“Just thinking” she said solemnly

He had expected a quick quip in return.

“It’s so cruel.” she said as though speaking to herself.

“What is?” he asked

“Life.” she said

“Death too” she added

“How so? He asked suspecting he knew the answer already.

“It’s cruel that I should have a soul mate and in all my years, life never brought us together…even more so that death now should” she said, a tear dropping down her face, the stars reflected in her eyes.

It was the single most beautiful and sad thing he had seen in life and death.

His heart broke yet the shattered pieces yearned for her.

He didn’t know what to say. He couldn’t comfort her. He couldn’t even touch her.

So he did all he could. He watched her weep beneath the stars.

Sentient, Useless Intangible.


Edosa watched the life seep out of Amara. He had begged her to stop to no avail.

She had been resolved as she swallowed the pills.

“Fickle sisters they are but if life will not let you join me then death shall be our haven

Edosa bowed his head but the tears would not come. He was useless for even that!


Edosa looked up to see her watching him. She looked less solid than her former body.

She walked up to him and held his hand. They could touch!

“I just died for you… Kiss me already” she said smiling

Edosa felt such immense happiness, he felt he might explode.

Wait, this was more than happiness.

Edosa screamed as blinding pain overcame him. He didn’t remember his death but he was sure he was reliving it. The last thing he saw was a bright light.


Edosa felt groggy as his mom danced around his bed.

“Somebody come and help me sing hallelujah. My son has woken after six months!”

As Edosa ate voraciously, the stereo came on of its own accord playing a Lionel Richie and Diana Rose song.

Vaguely, he felt he was forgetting something important. He couldn’t explain a sudden urge to go see his old apartment at the university.

He had a vivid image of a beautiful woman weeping beneath the stars.
Whatever that was. He was too hungry to worry about it just now.

He had a second chance at life. He would not waste it chasing fantasies.


Amarachi watched Edosa eating. Death had betrayed her. She could not speak to him. He could not even see her.

He seemed happier without her though.

There was nothing she could do…nothing but watch him be happy.

Sentient, useless… Intangible.

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  1. I’ve followed all your stories Amadin. What has always fascinated me is the way you avoid cliché endings. This is another solid effort, maybe not your best but definitely solid. I usually feel the emotions your characters feel but mahn I don’t know what it’s like to be a ghost lol, but here you are, showing it to us like you’ve experienced it and found love in the process. That’s your genius! Well done brother.

  2. 6 months out of a coma and he still remembered her face. The after effects of the coma will definitely wear off but the after effects of love is eternal. Edosa and Amara will meet again.

  3. A timeless piece, that shows how love can overwhelm, consume, and hurt you, and you’d gladly go through it over and over again. Ogbewe Amadin..Love’s very own Advocate!

  4. Does he go back? Did she really die? Will he ever see her? It was great but the oliver in me wants a sequel. Sequel please!

    PS:Did you know when connected to wifi hotspot the ip addresses are the same? That sort of makes the rule for commenting cruel. So if i dont have data i cannot comment on the story? Come on,thats not fair.

  5. Why did the girl die? she is stupid. Why will you kill yourself for love? Who love epp? lol. it’s a good enough story to make me wonder if I’ll ever do that.

    I don’t think I will though. ? Lol.

  6. Hmnnnn..atleast the lady is the one who finally died for love. Not a guy this time●. a reflection of the cuning nature of life.. maybe its okay we dont know what we should resonate with..maybe though! anyways she didnt lose everything. She just left the brouhaha of life.. catchy piece from this dexterous writer..

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