Like The Moon

We are like the moon.

We all have a dark side; that not-so-pleasant part of our personality we don’t get eager to show off. We commonly say no one is perfect, and especially like to say it about ourselves.


We believe the darker shades of our personality to be a portion of ourselves that should be hidden, or more precisely, that should be shed off. What we fail to see is that our dark side is, whether we like it or not, wholly part of us. We shouldn’t be too eager to push back our ugliness while we show the characters we think are great and would buy us more friends and a fair reputation. Our dark side is part of us and we should embrace it, not reject or ignore it.

Think of what it would look like if you wake up someday to a clear, blue sky and when you know night should fall, the azure sky still remains, without giving off any sign of retiring. Strange. Scary. Disturbing. Won’t it be?

That’s how the life of one who hasn’t embraced his whole personality compares to the life we were created to live.

Looking at the moon at its peak brilliance, it’s really a parti-coloured mixture of gray and black. It hides nothing of itself, letting us in on its whole characteristics; its partly-refulgent grayness, the thickly dark portion of its opaque body, and the limit of its glowing capacity.

We can learn something from the moon.

It uses both of its contrasting characteristics to produce night light for us. It embraces its dark side and work it into light, into productivity.

Almost all of us have experienced the full spectrum of human emotions and are in the loop of its dominant power over us. In similar manner, we’re aware of those cracked portions of our personality we feel are ugly and we’ve honestly done all we can to push it away, done all we might to suppress it within, tried all we can to hide it from even ourselves — but, truth is, we never meet much success. Our dark side don’t seem to leave us.

Acknowledge it.

It lingers because it’s part of us.

Get familiar with it.

Without darkness there’s no light.

Embrace it.

Quit such generalizations like ”no one is perfect”. As most times, generalizations are merely excuses. Without that dark side, you cannot maximize the potential of the ”lighter” side in you. In one way or another, the characters of each individual, when compared to another individual’s, are relative. A certain trait you feel is more pleasant may be just the trait another person tries to get rid off because he feels it’s ”ugly”.

When you think of your dark side, think of the life cycle of the butterfly. When still a caterpillar, it is just one ugly, rangy sight and if any of us should have been asked to keep that, most would reject it primarily because of its unpleasantness. But, gradually, that ugly, multi-legged thing morphs into one of the most beautiful little thing Creation has blessed us with.

We all have those shadows for a reason. Realigning our thinking, we’d see it’s possible to harness our dark side to work with the ”lighter” side and trot out a good measure of success.

What’s light without darkness?

We’re like the moon, in that we all have a dark side. Why not we be like the moon in the manner it embraces that dark side, too?

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