Life as a cab man in the metropolis – 9

Life as a cab man in the metropolis - elsieisy blog

Click here for all episodesIt was a calm evening at the park as I was scampering through my thoughts, Aunty Onos had not yet returned and it has been over month. I was beginning to get worried, things were getting rougher as I had to work more and had more late nights and the car’s condition was beginning to deteriorate. It’s different when Aunty Onos is around she will at least take care of food and all, and the situation in the country is not helping matters.It’s hard to survive in this country, and how things can just go downward spiral for you, to even think I will be here driving cab after graduating is unbelievable as I mumbled in my head “Efe come make we play draft na abeg, make I beat you small” “Uzo you don start again oh, I dey come now make I hit this Alomo, just set the table”E don complete abi, Oya now make we dey start,No Oh make we bet make e sweetUzo abeg abeg I no too get money like that I want make we play serious game jare oya 100 naira game, he saidOHhh Okay Okay start, I saidTake Am There My Guy….Your own don finish todayI Laughed see this guy…..Take It this way Play Game for me Jare Oya now Ehen oboi oboi Mr. Abayomi babe fine die,Oh Oh that your madam husband, Oboi Eh Na So E be Oh“Make the man they Jaiye dey go, as long as sey dem no catch am, make him fire dey go”But that thing no good joor, Him don marryOmo na so all this rich men dey do for here now no be new thingThem Plenty, I dey always carry them, my brother if you get money ehn Pray to God make him give you sense sef“Because this thing wey money fit make you do ehn, e fit change your life, you go see person wey be humble nice person turn to wicked person because money”Brothers dey kill brothers, things dey happen brother, Men just wan flex brother so these days I no dey try stop them oh na how you package am”“But Uzo me ehn this marriage thing ehn e get as e be, how him wife dey feel?? I rather no dey with anybody at all than marry come dey mumu “Guy Leave that marriage matter…nothing do marriage, Marriage nothing spoil am, na your attitude towards am matter, if you no dey ready no try am, na for better for worse my brother take am take am crown that guy for me”“Omo na so sha,” Guy I know women wey know sey their husbands dey do all these things now, dem no dey even complain, e get one wey I carry like day before yesterday she tell her friend sey she even know them sef, pick calls and every everyOboi!I dey tell youShe talk say na because of her children she dey do am, sey she don suffer divorce thing. She sey she no wan put her children through that kain mental stress”“Women sef get their own wahala baba”“You sef know”Naso me and that Nnenna girl she come my side oh we fuck finish and she never call me or anything and I come dey feel bad”“Why you dey feel bad?? You don fuck now”“Wetin consine you again?”Guy the babe get feelings, you and this our Jaiye Jaiye Life sef”But Wait oh Efe, Una Fuck Abi?”YesHow Many Times Una don FuckOnceOkay You Knack am wellGuy which Kain Mumu Question be this?Oga Answer meYesYou Sure??Yes MumuOkay Okay You Use Condom shaGuy Guy I Say babe knack me and she just don quiet and never call me even to say Thank you, you dey ask me if I use condom?You Dey Craze Make she thank you abi, No No mind me Efe, You don call am?Yes I call am, she just dey talk as if sey I disturb amEhn Free am now, No Worry if She No Love you Temi dey hereTemi is here for you Guy Thunder fire you, He Laughed, Wetin happen? Wetin do Temi? She be fine girl oh! see this guy dey dere dey dull yourselfI no talk sey she no fine, but she just finish ss3 “E No mean Guy, E No Mean, Na these small small girls dey better, She go soon go university now and when she enter her life don spoil”“Wetin you mean spoil?” I Laughed“Omo Universities for this country Na only God dey save person. If you come out the way you enter ehn you be strong man.”My Brotheeer… na true ohBut Abeg She too small for me.Your Aunty don come? No Oh Ah E don tey oh Call am nowOmo I don try her number no dey go for like 3 days nowWell Na Village network fit no deyOmo Things no soft oh Uzo, The Country just dey hard anyhowMy BrotherMrs. Abayomi never even Call me sef at least for her side I dey always see small changeGuy you no go consider take that their driver jobOmo I dey think am ohBut I no like that work abeg….dem go come dey disrespect you and now wey this whole thing wey her husband dey do if him go cast, she fit turn am to me Ehn that one dey, But right now as things no too soft like that you gatts reason amYeah I go think amOmo see passenger go carry am, my car no goodOkay as I got up and took his turnHe got up to arrange back the draft and I took a long walk and pondered on the things An Elderly Looking ladyWhere to ma? Ikoyi Queens Drive 4000 MaAhn Ahn 3000 Ni Oh Ahh Mummy Traffic MaOkay 3500 Enter, Uzo I Go Call you when I dey comeOkay my GuyAs I Put the Key In The IgnitionWhere is Aunty Onos?? Should I Finally Take This Job?? How Long Will I Continue Like This?? Or Maybe I’m just Overreacting. Will everything be fine? This cab business is just for the mean time, I need to get myself together Or Maybe Not .The Lady Tapped Me and SaidAre You Okay?? Am I? I’m Not Fine Or Okay Or Maybe it will never be fine, maybe I’m really just a cab man or someone’s driver and will always be at your ServiceI’m Okay Ma Then Start the Car and let’s go jare stop wasting my timeHow I wished for one second she asked what was wrong and I could actually tell someone how I feel, but anyways I’m just a cabman*Tunes Radio* The Weeknd – AngelSir Jaydee

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