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I don’t want a life made of fairy talesI just want to be happy in a million ways.I don’t want a proposal in the middle of the ocean,I just want to say “Yes, I will.” with my smile floating.I don’t want sleepless nights because I have you,I want peaceful nights because we have us.I don’t want tears in my eyes all day long,i’d rather smile all day with the funny faces you make.Times without number I have made mistakes,Said scornful words,felt like you owe me more than you do,appreciated you less, loved you less,Despised you more all for no reason.I wish I could make up for the times I made you feel less of yourself.I wish you could see through me,see how sorry I really am for the times I ridiculed your attention.I can only pray and hope that this gets to you, Just before you make her yours forever…

All I desired,Was a kiss to last till raptures dawn,An embrace to cuddle into,And a flesh for my undying lust.Have I been perfect enough to seek for perfection in you?Have I seen it all to demand truth in your eyes.Yet I found all my desires in herAnd while I was about to say those fragile words “I do”,I dumped the ring and ran off in search of youFor I realised it was you, I preferred to say I do to, even to those things which I rather not do.Now it is my desire to be with you, on you and in you till your moan becomes thunder.

By Blessing Iyede & Chidera Nnaeto esq

Image source – billditewig.wordpress.com

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