Blog Festival | Evil of Poverty | by Martha Kings

Naked ceiling and rumbling intestines,

Shamefully homeless and kissed by hunger;

Forced to be one of poverty’s concubines,

Like being cursed with slaps from a thunder.


Empty hearts with hopeful thoughts,

Weirdly happy and dying slowly;

Ship of cold as it gently fraught,

Crashing into the sea below so lowly.


Nature’s impeccable entertainment,

And life’s ever beautiful nightmare;

The rich’s mockful amusement,

And earth’s miserable secret affair.


Raining face and broken skin,

Harshly sun-kissed without permission;

Red weary eyes as if bathed with gin,

Helpless but bitter without admission.


Echoing pockets with holes at the end,

Empty bowls and frowning passersby;

Inheriting gastric ulcer for a friend,

And finding solace deep in Satan’s pie.


Torn clothes as if burnt by the sun,

Worn confusion as if placed since birth;

A search for an escape maybe via a gun,

Staring at the clouds to find life’s worth.


Depreciating health and weak posture,

“All will be well”, So hopeful and patient;

Boiling temperature and bloody picture,

“I will be fine”, but death is impatient.


Paused breath, very frozen body,

Lonely in death, lonely wherever;

Abandoned by life like a nobody,

Shallowly buried and silent forever!

I am Martha Kings, a 21-year-old graduate of English & Literature from Ambrose Ali University. I have been writing since the early age of 8. I suffer from depression and literature has been my lighthouse for as long as I can remember. Instead of tears, I let words flow and this technique has improved and built me into the woman I am today. My blog is at

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  1. Elsie, your poignant words evoke deep emotions, portraying the harsh realities of life with remarkable clarity. Your ability to capture raw human experiences in verses is truly moving. Your poem resonates with its power and depth.

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