Kwality – Lion King – Funny Video

So i saw this video last night and i decided to share with you all. I can’t stop laughing. you all need to see this video. The guy kinda reminded me of Tunde Ednut. I’ll rather not say more than that. HAAAaAHHHHAAAHAHAHA… EnjoyKindly subscribe to this blog via mail for easy sharing. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding.Join our BBM channel. Channel pin: C002984DE or just search “elsieisy”Got something you want us to talk about or feel like sharing?? Send your topics/articles to or .. Anonymous or decide

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  1. Somebody pls close my mouth for me…….WTF!!!!!! Nd dey wee b abusin Vicky o abi wats his name….whr is dis guy 4rm abeg….. Chameleon is precious???????? Lmao dis is a disaster mehnnnn….pls ban dis guy….he luks lyk hyena… hyena queen e dey find o

  2. What a mess…Complete super disaster! If this is music then I would rather forget about music for life. Funny enough, he must have spent good money in the video production! Is he a Nigerian?

  3. LWKMDO…… But on a real the producer and video director should be arrested and charged for not telling this guy the truth about his life….. And idiot sef was asking “why you dey laugh?”…. Bloody clown

  4. i don’t know if I should cry or laugh sef. The www should find a way to scrutinize content that are uploaded. He shaved his brows sha! plus d bleeshing. let me not even talk about the voice. Chai! Chai!! Chai!!! People should fear God biko

  5. I was initially laughing about Mr Lion King. But I stopped suddenly. Why? I was quick to see his audacity of showcasing what he can’t do. Meanwhile, many of us are even afraid to be identified with what God has endowed us with. We are afraid of people laughing at our mistakes. Hence, we don’t make a move about what could have made us achieve incredible feats. I may sound totally different from everyone, but that doesn’t mean I am in support of that music. I am only struck with his audacity to release that kind of a video. On a lighter mood, she who finds that video must have been looking for what she hasn’t lost. lol!

  6. I love this guy, I mean, he is a ‘Lion King’, but I so detest the Arabs that have been deceiving him since he stepped into the studio. Chai! This is blood ‘SHEARING o!’.

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