Keeping the boys in the yard is another whole nine yard – Alibaba


wizThe veteran comedian, Alibaba, shared the above pic on his Instagram page with this caption. Read below:“I would have just left this picture to do the talking since they say a picture can tell, but in these days of photoshopping and half processed thoughts, one needs to make it explicitly clear for the import of some messages to sink home. I have said it before, no matter how beautiful a car is on the outside, if the engine don “knock”, it’s just a beautiful car. Not a functional car. Same way you will meet a girl with all the attributes, but her head no dey house, so when those wire touch. You go hear am. She may be a 38DD, but a DinDinrin in R-E-S-P-E-C-T department. A babe with great figure may not be able to figure out how to manage money. She is only a gimme gimme gimme.Faithfulness is not a given. So, if a babe has all the curves in the right places, it doesn’t mean you can place her on a relationship curve. There are a lot it takes to keep a man.For some men, the “5B Basic rule” suffices. Brains. Behavior. Beauty. Body. Business mind. All other things can follow. If you have the milk shake, curves and are well endowed, they SURELY will bring all the boys in da yard… But keeping them in the yard is another whole nine yardFINALLY! Let’s look at a scenario where you meet a lady with all that you see in this picture and finally, you REALIZE that she does not have what will make you want to run back home always after work. Go figure! Oh by the way, this is a two way street.There are guys who look like Denzel Washington, But will beat you black and blue. Had to say that before some people use me to catch groove again about my always talking of women. But seeing that I am not into men, I will leave that to those so inclined! Very often we meet people who go “Ahhh now! How can he walk out on such a sweet sexy girl?” Hey! Slow down! Try, spend a week with that same girl, you will repent! Sexy DOESNT make hot meals o! Don’t think everything is as they seem OO. The duck in the pool may be gliding smoothly but under the water away from your eyes, the ducks feet are extra busy just to keep the cool duck going…In conclusion I will say, until you walk a few steps in some people’s shoes, don’t blame them for walking so slow or too fast or not taken a step. LOBATAN”

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