Journey To The Future – 6

Journey to the future by FemiFragile

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It was oddly quiet as Mr. Chukwu drove us to the hospital the next morning. From the robbers who attacked a neighbouring street the previous week to the insensitivity of the ruling government to the plight of masses, he started different topics. I figured he was trying to help Kike and I liven up, but all his attempts were futile. When he realized we wouldn’t break our silence he counselled,

“Bade will be fine. Both of you should cheer up and be thankful that he survived the fall. He is so lucky that you guys were around when the incidence occurred.”

“Yes” I replied reluctantly, only if he knew we were the cause of his fall. Everything about that morning felt awkward. I soon drifted into the thoughts of what happened earlier, how could I? Bade gave me shelter and the best I could repay him with was have sex with his fiancée. Who does that? I am just a traitor, I should have stopped when I had the chance but I let Kike have her way.

She asked if we should stop and I said yes, I removed my hand from her breast but she didn’t let go of my manhood. Like the serpent deceived Eve, she led me into temptation and made sure I committed the sin with great pleasure. She pulled my head to her chest, licked my ear and whispered,

“Kunle, I want to but I can’t stop. This might feel wrong but it doesn’t make it bad. I have seen it in your eyes how caring you are” she gripped my penis, jacked it softly and then continued, “and the passion that trailed your expression when you talked about Morenike, God! It made me wish I belonged to you instead of Bade,”

“Ki-ke” i wanted to speak up in an attempt to interrupt her but what came out was a moan.

“Shh” she hissed and kissed me again, this time softly and with detailed chewing of my lower lip; it tickled my senses and I eased into it.

“You don’t have to love it, you only need to consent to it. I don’t deserved to be treated like filth; I am not a sex tool, I desire to be made love to,” she kissed me again.

“We are not in lo-v-e” I stammered, “Yes we aren’t” she whimpered “All you need to do is to imagine yourself inside Morenike and make love to me like you will do to her given the chance. Please Kunle grant me this moment of freedom from this sexual mental slavery and misery your friend always put me into.”

She pushed me back to the couch, pulled down my pant and blew out my brains through my ‘Joystick’. Every lick she took made ‘me’ stronger; there was no going back now. It felt like I was in the seventh heaven, I forgot about everything and everyone. I brought her up from her knees and carried her inside the bedroom, 5 minutes later we were lying down naked beside each other panting like a prey that had just escaped its predator. We didn’t say a word to each other afterwards.


On our arrival at the hospital we headed to Dr. Bright’s office. He gave us Bade’s progress report,

“He is very fine. He will be discharged tomorrow; we are keeping him here just to make sure he doesn’t stress himself. I have sent a report to the director of his department and he has agreed to let him have one week sick leave so that he can fully regain his strength. Please, make sure the leave serves its purpose. You can see him now. Nurse Titi will show you the way to the male ward” he pointed at a nurse that was waiting by his office door.

Mr. Chukwu and I shook hands with him and said “thank you doctor.” I and Kike just kept mute as we avoided the slightest eye contact. Within me I knew the judgment hour was here, I didn’t know what reaction to expect from Bade, I was very nervous. On the contrary Kike was so calm and that made me look very foolish. She walked gallantly beside Nurse Titi; mine was a walk of shame. The one who led me into the mess didn’t look bothered; guilt rode within me like chariots on the battlefield. Several thoughts rushed through my mind,

“What if she tells him we had sex? What if she walks up to him and end the relationship? What if Bade tells me to pack my belongings and get out of his house? Where will I start from? Oh, am I not cursed”

As we approached the male ward my heart pounded faster and I cursed myself beneath my breath. I felt ungrateful, covetous, undisciplined and useless. Coming to Ibadan was meant to be about making a fortune, not to defile a friendship that was built over five years.

Surprisingly, Bade welcomed us cheerfully. Somehow, he was happy. He shook my hand vigorously, expressed his gratitude to Mr. Chukwu who joked in return “get well quickly, you don dey owe me fuel money”, and kissed Kike as we all managed to laugh at Mr. Chukwu’s Joke. Mr. Chukwu didn’t waste any time, he told him about our encounter with the police and mocked me for being ‘Chicken’,

“You need to see the way he was shaking when the policeman confronted him. It was as if thunder struck him. You people are too soft; an average Igbo man will show the policeman the stuff he is made of. Chai!” he shook his head cynically and hailed “Igbo Kwenu!”

Bade bursted into laughter and joined him in the mockery, “Don’t mind Kunle. He is too gentle for his own good. He cannot differentiate his right from what is right.”

“Bade” Mr. Chukwu continued in his Igbo accent, “You are lucky to have a very fierce woman. Unlike your friend she confronted the Inspector; if not for her bravery the story might have been different.”

He then continued sarcastically, “You are lucky to have Kunle too; at least he was able to look after Kike in your absence. Nonetheless, we are grateful to God for sparing your life,” he concluded.” Kike and I naturally made that eye contact, what was he implying? That was when it occurred to me that Mr. Chukwu usually wash his car 5:30am every morning. The same time Kike and I were sweating our horny selves out. I wasn’t too sure how loudly we moaned. Did he see or hear anything? If Mr. Chukwu knows something, how long before he tells Bade. Kike remained composed. Bade simply smiled at his drama and then asked him to excuse us,

“I’d like to talk to my friend and fiancée alone if you don’t mind sir.”

“I don’t mind, take your time” he said wearing a mischievous smile on his face. Knowing this is the moment of truth, my heart raced faster. In as much as I tried to maintain a blank expression, I was afraid I would have cardiac arrest. When he had exited the ward, Bade apologized,

“Kunle, I am very sorry for what happened. I know I overreacted. It was out of the guilt that taunted me from the conversation we had the night before this happened. I am so sorry to have disrespected our friendship,” he sounded very remorseful. Facing Kike he continued “Nothing justifies being a woman batterer, I just cant explain…” he began to sob heavily. I felt bad, his apology humbled me. I patted his shoulder and expressed my regret for what happened. Before I knew it, Kike was in tears too, she probably felt guilty. She pulled his head to her chest and begged for his forgiveness in tears,

“Baby I’m sorry, I never meant for you to be hurt.” He reciprocated the gesture, held her tight and told her “I am sorry too. I will do my best to be a better man.” I was happy to hear Bade sound convincingly repentant. However, with another look at Kike I had a second thought; she seems to know what she was doing. Girls! Their claws are so sharp it will bleed you without pain and before you realize it, you are gone.


On our way back home, the car wasn’t as silent as it was when we came to the hospital. Mr. Chukwu kept interjecting conversation with odd body language. I understood his game when he decided to change the CD he was playing,

“Kunle, do you like P-Square?”

“Yes” I replied emphatically.

“Good. Then you should know the song I am about to play.” He reached for his CD rack with one hand and searched for a CD while he controlled the steering with another. When he finally found it, he wiped the surface on his shirt, slotted it in and played track 7. He sang along as the song played,

“Omoge mi ati padi mi, iye iye, iye iye.” Kike changed the track before it reached the first verse, “I think I like this one better.”

“It is all yours my lady” he replied and laughed on.


Mr. Chukwu confronted me that night and told me what he saw.

“Kunle, I hope you understand all my messages. Be careful with this girl. Eh, don’t let her ruin your friendship with Bade.” I asked him “why do you say so?” Hoping to have an idea of what he knows.

“I was coming to borrow matches two days ago when I heard her telling you to cuddle her, I decided to turn back. I don’t know what happened with Bade, but you need to be careful my brother. Biko! When I realized that my wife was getting to close to my best friend, I sent her to the village. Women are dangerous. See that advice as my investment in your life, you will need it.”

He walked away and I sighed with relief; he didn’t see us. I thought of letting Kike know; she has equally been as agitated as I was since we returned home. Although lying in bed already, she was still awake when I stopped at the bedroom door and told her, “He didn’t see us.”

“Whether or not he saw us won’t matter” she replied, “I am breaking up with your friend tomorrow,” Before I could think of the appropriate thing to say, she continued “You can come to bed now.” She raised the duvet and revealed her naked body to me in HD.

Written by Femi Fragile (Twitter @Fragiletimbzz)

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  1. Nice story. I’ve been waiting for the final episode of this story. Or is this the final episode!

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