Heartbreak cycle

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She walked into an eatery at the mall, the same one they had their first date in exactly a year ago. She remembered every detail about the place, from the way it smelt to where they sat and even the girl they silently made fun of. She unconciously looked towards their seat whilst thinking and there he was with his back to the door just the way he was last year. She smiled at the memory of them sitting close together with their eyes on her precious yellow book while she showed him her poems, he loved reading them, that was one of the things she loved about him. She thought of their stroll and their visit to the park where he gave her Alex, her teddy, their son. She must have stood at the door for a while lost in her thoughts. She blinked over and over again, trying to make sure it wasn’t her imagination and he was really there. She smiled some more when she realised he was there and started walking towards him but stopped abruptly when out of the blue a girl came in and went to him screaming Mattie, that was what she called him. He stood up and they kissed. At this point she felt anger jealously and hatred for both of them, they trampled on her heart and they didn’t even notice.

But she really couldn’t blame him, the girl was beautiful, she had curves in all the right places, and she was the right height, heck they looked really good together, what kind of guy would choose her over a girl who was so perfect. But she blamed and hated him still. Did he even remember that it was their anniversary? Did he care? Would he give her an Alex too? Would he tell her she makes him happy by just letting him hold her hand? Would he tell her she lights up his world? They were all things he said to her and since he brought his new girl here to their special place he just might tell her the same things. How many other girls had he said those words to? Were they even true? Of course they weren’t, the lying bastard. She couldn’t believe she had been so gullible, that she had let her self fall in love with someone like him. She wanted to rip his heart out, to make him suffer just the way he made her suffer. She kept planning her revenge in her head till she heard her name, it was Ayo, the guy she had a date with today, her new boyfriend, the one who’s heart she was gonna break the day after Christmas because she realised her heart still beat for her Mattie. But she turned around and gave him her million megawatts smile and hoped he couldn’t see the pain she was trying to hide.

Written by Emmanuella Nwosisi
Written by Emmanuella Nwosisi

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