jagua sells


jagua sellsi.(prologue)if you see my sisterwith the foxy eyes…tell her she is the fading musicof her filthy passions of many pipersher anatomy is a chronicle of dirt.if you see my sisterthe fish monger…do tell her…her net of fish loomsa baneful break without mend…ii.(present day)jagua sells…she is the commodityeverywhere you go…the commodity that sells commodityshe sells to dogs and harriesgets laid by family and friendsper-hour billings…low -tariff…local and internationalshe sells, fairs and flushes.iii.(epilogue)passers-by sayyou said my nose is nosy…for i beckon your redemptionin my kindness of poetryjagua, my euphemismis a monochrome of yellowa yellow card!this raiding refereecalled lifeflags only a red card!Written by Lanre Ayoola

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