RELIGION “Fucken Problem” (by @OlumiCFC )


“RELIGION” ever really asked yourself what those eight letters mean? There is a God if you like to admit it or not..but is there really religion?

The Nigerian case study…Welcome to Nigeria where 80% of the population always have rice as lunch on Sundays. Same way they believe(Christians now) that they should be in a church on Sunday mornings not because they want to be there but just because its tradition. Believe it or not churches in Nigeria now are more of social meeting places. Religion there is non-existent but was religion ever existent before or was it simply a chain with which to hold on to the feeble minded. One question I always ask people(usually Christians and Muslims) is “What if you were born as a Sango-worshipper? Would you be thinking as you are now?”..always ask yourself this question each time you step into a church or mosque. Sometimes I get the stupid reply that they were fortunate to have been brought up in God’s path. God’s path? Like seriously? God’s path as told by who? Religious leaders that can’t tell the truth? Religious leaders that are more concerned with material things than building spiritual fortresses?

Came across this saying recently “Everyone wants to go to heaven not for the love of God but for the fear of hell” which is quite true. But can you blame them? Churches nowadays are filled with sermons of prosperity and not of salvation. And since people now worship their religious leaders and not God,they tend to follow in their footsteps. Bishop Oyedepo of Winner’s chapel is a proud owner of four private jets(would someone kindly point out to me what business he engaged in asides church business to have acquired this luxury toys?)..oh,sorry I forgot he owns two private universities that were built with tithes and offerings of the church members yet over 80% of the church population can’t afford the school fees. And I don’t think I have heard of any of his universities giving out scholarships. Pastor Adeboye of the redeemed Christian church’s also in the same shoe. The crowning moment came on December 31st 2010 when the Chris Oyakilhome led Christ embassy church started charging one thousand naira gate fee for its cross-over service. Like seriously?! Do u need any more proof that these churches are business centres? And no one seems to want to speak up against all these business centres called churches? Why? Ooo,sorry,no one must speak against the lord’s anointed. And just who says the lord can’t anoint you? Or are they saints? Simple truth-you are worshipping your pastors not God! Has any of these pastors come out in support of the Nigerian masses during any entanglement with the Government? Can they really do so when they are always receiving huge donations and back door favours(remember the waiver granted the Redeem church at the port during the Obasanjo regime or have you forgotten that Erastus akingbola former Intercontinental CEO was a pastor in Redeem also).TB Joshua probably has the largest mass communication system among them yet do these TV stations/radios project the view of the average Nigerian? Though I do believe he does a little more for the masses than his counterparts. His football academy has at least provided footballers for our various under-age teams, His scholarship program. Does any religious organisation in Nigeria pay tax? No! Yet these are the biggest commercial entities in Nigeria. And every Sunday,they would tell you Nigeria would be better. When?! When they have finished robbing Nigeria blind along with their political cohorts? Or has any Muslim leader actually come out in tough stance to speak up against the Boko haram extremists? Or has any spoken up in support of the #ChildNotBride campaign? Who tells you that they aren’t in support of Yerima’s marriage? Is it that they are scared for their lives or they simply believe inwardly that they are carrying the ‘Holy’ Jihad?!

Ask yourself this,if the world were to really end today,would any of your religious leaders make it into heaven? If not,then is it possible for a blind man to lead a fellow blind man into the promise land? Why can’t you lead yourself? It’s just plain common sense that isn’t actually present with Nigerians. Rather than pay tithes(salaries) to these thieves in religious clothings,give that money to the deformed you meet by the roadside everyday. Trust me,that would be more rewarding.Though if I am not a multi-millionaire by age 30,I am opening a church ASAP!

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  1. Hehehehe……..when ever I think like this, I end up sleeping through my sunday morning. True talk though buh in the end,not every church makes u feel this way

  2. Read Malachi chapter 1 and understand it, it is not for you to think of whether or not ur pastor is stealing the money, it is of God to judge, except you also believe that God in his infinite wisdom does not know what he is doing.\n\nI agree with you on the point that alot of people are worshipping their pastors nowadays. True most churches tie down the mindset of their members, but at the appointed time, the truth will be revealed.\n\nI attend a church which i am proud to say, help the poor, and is revolutionizing the notion of pastor worship. It is not encourage, try n visit This Present House in Lekki.\n\nCiao…see my long comment sha

  3. Hahahahahahaha……humba, am not really accepting this it not all churches or spiritual leaders that those this. Like for the examples of Bishop Oyedepo you made mention here he is not using any money of offering or tithes for personal things at all, all this are use for the progressions of enlarging churches to win more souls for Christ. Me oo i dont play with my religion at all at all i go to church to serve the Lord almighty and not any spiritual fathers! When someone truly love the lord and have the fare of him one will surely seek him at the right time. RELIGION is a good thing to practice if he/she is properly believe in God not matter what they will surely be the reward if not in this earth we are it my be in the great paradise..\n\nMore over opening church at the age of 30, if you are not called that person will surely never prosper and he/she will be punished according to his sin and misleading of innocent people who are cajoled.\n\nMay the good Lord forgive all of us…….

  4. Many talk against and about their preacher. What a dangerous mistake they make when they do so.\nAll throughout the Bible there are examples of how God dealt with those that rose up and spoke against God’s man such as:\nWhen Miriam and Aaron spoke against Moses, Miriam was plagued with leprosy (Num. 12:9-10).\nWhen the people of Israel spoke against God and Moses (Num. 21:5-6), God sent fiery serpents to chastise them for their sin.\nWhen Korah and over 250 others spoke against Moses and Aaron (Num. 16:2-3), God allowed the earth to swallow Korah and the others up.\nWhen children mocked God’s man, Elisha (II Kings 2:22-23), God allowed two she bears to destroy 42 of the mockers.\nHistory tells us that Pontius Pilate, who ordered Jesus’ death, died by suicide.\nJudas turned against Jesus, and became so miserable about what he had done against Jesus that he killed himself (Mat. 27:5).\nThe thief that perished on the cross with Christ, spoke against Jesus, and did not get saved and go to heaven.\nDavid would not go against King Saul, even though the King did wrong several times against him. David’s heart was, “The LORD forbid that I should stretch forth mine hand against the LORD’S anointed: …” I Samuel 26:11. David knew it was wrong to oppose God’s man. However, today there are many that have not the fear or respect to restrain themselves from talking against or doing ill against the leader God has placed over the local church.\n\nThe pastor of any church certainly is not perfect. No one will agree with everything anyone does, let alone the many decisions the local shepherd has to make. He probably would not agree with all we do, either. However, he is the leader of the local church that God has for this time and should be obeyed, respected, and encouraged. Unless when scriptural error is involved, God takes him home, or God relocates him, he is to stay the church leader.\n\nBelittling and questioning his ministries does much damage:\nMurmuring against God’s man is sin, and sin can only do harm to one’s life. One will not be all he can be with any sin in his life.\nMurmuring about another’s work for Christ will put one in a position of judging (Mat. 7:1), and that is the Holy Spirit’s job, in most situations, not ours.\nComplaining about the pastor, or any other church leader or facet of the church, is only going to spread discontent among others. It will sow seeds of discord, and in most cases, will only hinder, not build, the ministry (Proverbs 6:16-19). Division among members will result, when the leader is opposed.\nSpeaking against the pastor, or other God-appointed leader, could hinder the Holy Spirit of God from working in one’s life or could bring the wrath of God on the violators.\nSpeaking ill against God’s man will not encourage the pastor in doing all he can do. It discourages most pastors, and the body of Christ will surely suffer.\nWhen we talk about or question what the pastor is doing (or other church leaders, for that matter) we are negating his authority to the listeners. If it is our children that hear us roast the preacher after a sermon, it may not be long until the children lose respect for his ministry, and do not heed the biblical advice that is delivered from the pulpit or classroom. One day the parent may wonder why the children are not following what was taught in church from the Bible. They would never suspect their own bad-mouthing of the preacher in their home had taught them that if the parents do not respect the pastor, then they do not have to.\nMurmuring against the man of God will hinder the effect any ministry has on the neighboring community, if any disunity among church members is heard of by them.\nAaron and Hur knew a principle about helping the man of God that would encourage and help any pastor today. They noticed when Moses’ arms were up while directing a battle, that Israel had the victory over the enemy. When the leader was tired and had not the strength to lift up his arms, the battle was in the favor of the enemy. Aaron and Hur made sure their leader’s arms were held high, so that they would get the victory. They physically held up their leader’s arms.\nIf more people would realize that honoring God’s man is honoring God and His work, and would encourage and help their pastor, more spiritual battles would be won; and more pastors would be encouraged. Lift up your leader’s arms, do not force them down!

  5. Seriously I have no authority to judge…. But I will agree with u concerning d purchasing of private jets and building of private uinversity,its so annoying…using d church money to afford those stuff..God help us All..Concerning d opening of church wen u are 30,wen u are not a Multi-Millionaira?..mine will be at 25…Lol

  6. It’s a pity the writter feels like this way about men of God and place of worship. Anyway I believe @olutoye has said it all *Pause and think*

  7. I can sense veangence in your thought, I don’t blame you though cos lotta people have made nonsense of the name of God. But that doesn’t mean trueworshippers don’t exist. The Bible says by their fruit we shall know them.\n\nI might not agree with some of your thought but in the end we shall surely account for our deeds. It baffles me when christains can’t practise the true religion which is “Giving” but hide under what sooth them.\n\nThe change begins from you and me\n\nff: @gbengalite

  8. Do nt judge!!!!! I dono y pple don’t get dis……did u get ur information correctly bout pastor Oyedepo nd Adeboye b4 tlking??? I’m sur if u read ur bible well u wld understand beta….God appoints his own if u don’t kno…nd ur religious leaders r nt magictians….hw many artiste/artist in nigeria has hlpd d nigerian economy nd situation nd a lot of dem hav more moni dan dis pastors.if u can’t afford covenant or run skol fees den go to d fedral skols…u dono wat dis guys do nd hw dey hlp pple so stop judging!!! I wonder wat religion u r but all I can say is…..May God 4giv u ur sins!

  9. @ olutoye..pls define ‘men of God’ so I would know who and who not to talk against…and yet y’all still on this ‘tho shall not jugde’ motto they hung u thing I wud say tho is ‘Let your conscience be your religion’….@Dhoney,you made no sense at all..comparing artistes to ‘pastors’,and with whose money were those schools built? I’d leave you to ponder that..and while you are at that..I attended RCF sch of the yea,I do know my bible..and I attended Oyedepo’s church for a while so yes I have my facts right,do you?

  10. D writer came up wiv some vital points, he must have anticipated being nailed to d cross cuz religion is a sensitive issue. Africans, lik Arabs gulp stuffs hook, line and sinker, it is our nature! Little wonder marriage isnt complete without suit and wedding gown. Where is it written in d Bible dat abt-to-weds shld dress lik dat? Let God judge who truly serves him. Prophet Mohammed (SAW) and Jesus Christ are there as ur yardsticks, so follow either to d best of ur knowledge n ability. Each of us will giv account of our lives, so take responsibility for ur faith. Evryone is right on topic lik this, live n let’s live! Peace

  11. What kind of job was Solomon doing, that GOD blessed him beyond imagination? Is pastors Chris Oyakilome, Bishop Oyedipo, T.B.Joshua e.t.c reacher than the Solomon you know in the bible? Bro.we still have real men and women of God.Go to sisters of charity home, affiliated to st.Michael chatholic church,king Ketu in Lagos state and shere your testimonies.

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