Introducing Crux Of The Matter – With Elsie

Introducing Crux Of The Matter - With Elsie

I have an exciting news for lovers of Elsieisy blog and Elsie as a brand.I remember someone dropped a comment saying he wished he could reply my podcasts with a podcast, well…your wish has been granted…sortaI am launching a new radio program tonight that will focus on some of our favorite topics here.The show which is called Crux of the matter will be airing live from today (12-02-2016) and every other Friday at 9pm Nigerian time(WAT) (20:00hrs GMT) on Happening Radio.The awesome part of this show is that you can tune in from anywhere in the world.Topic of discussion will include, Relationship, Dating, Sex, Friendship, Family and other things that regular readers of this blog and real people will definitely appreciate.My guests will share their experiences and opinion on the topic of the day.Introducing Crux Of The Matter - With ElsieAdd Crux of the matter to your calendar every Friday and let us have fun while learning from each other.You can be part of the program by sending sms or dropping a comment on various social media platform via mediums which will be mentioned during the show.Radio link is – make it a date with me every Friday and who knows, you could be my next guest!Please do support your girl.See details below to reach out to me on my various social media platform:Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat – @elsieisyFacebook – Elsie GodwinFacebook page – Elsieisy blogBBM Channel – C002984DEEmail – elsieisy@gmail.comxoxo

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  1. Wow! way to go Elsie. Well-done!!Just that i have been having issues listening this few days , don’t know if it’s network against me though. So sad i missed your show today due to same reason.

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