Insomniac Cure


King Saul’s curse is upon me.Sleeplessness is a guest in my house;Bedding with me.Demons taunting me, questioning the necessity of lifeWhile constantly reminding fearful me of the vast infinity of eternity.I shiver in bed,Wistfully from cold orWishfully from the absence of a lover’s arm.Rather from the fear that comes with a roving mind.Fighting the philosophy of my young mindUrging my wide eyes to shut themselves.Pleading with sleep to lie with me.One more night, I shall plead for I can’t fight my mind anymoreI cannot silence the taunting demons.Until.In a cacophony of melodies,An arrangement of noiseAccompaniment of keys.I find peace, sigh in relief.Fear is battled. I am winningMy mind is waning. Fatigue is welcome.Sleep hovers by.With wide arms. I shall welcome my David with his harp.Encourage him to play away the pain.Just like Saul, I have a David in my playlist.Bring slumber to my bed, send the demons to where they belongAnd putting sleeplessness to his heels.I will rest tonight in the arms of my one true lover; Music.Ms Oyaghire

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