How to get more Facebook likes

I have been tracking the growth of the number of Facebook likes my friends get in the last few months (no I am not that jobless but I couldn’t help it) therefore I have drawn up a conclusion and have decided to help you our faithful readers get more Facebook likes on your pictures. 🙂

I have grouped my friends into categories according to the number of likes they get. The first category is the 0-50. To be in this category, dress normally, be very covered (i.e no cleavage), do not edit your photos, make up should be light (lipgloss and white powder) or totally absent.

The second category is the 50-100: to be in this category, wear very good clothes, a little cleavage won’t hurt, edit your photos, step up your make up, and add a quote that totally doesn’t relate to the picture.

The third category is the 100-150: To be in this category, wear your Sunday best, show more than a little cleavage, make sure your picture is overly edited, make sure the background is clean and fine, use very good make up, hide every blemish on your skin (the ones you can’t hide with makeup should be hidden while editing), add a quote that doesn’t relate to your picture but makes sense.

The fourth and final category is the 150-infinity: To be in this category, wear your best clothes, make sure they’re perfectly matched and in perfect condition, show a lot of skin (at this point, you can show your belly button, wear very low cut tops, the shortest shorts you can find, go naked if you like), your make up should be perfect, edit your pictures so much that your mum won’t recognize you, the background of your picture should be perfect, add a quote that doesn’t relate to your picture but makes sense or just use random nonsense (the boys will like anyway).

I hope I have been able to help you achieve your Facebook like goals. I congratulate you in advance. 🙂

DISCLAIMER: I have not tried these (I am still in the 0-50 category) I am only letting you in on my observations. I shall not be held responsible for any beatings you receive from your family if you decide to try the last stage. These are merely advices and you choosing to follow them is entirely your fault.

Written by Emmanuella Nwosisi
Written by Emmanuella Nwosisi

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