Dirty water kills women more than AIDS

dirty water

Analyzing data from the Seattle-based Institute of Health Metrics research centre, the development organization WaterAid said that nearly 800000 women die every year because they lack access to safe toilets and clean water.Diseases spread through dirty water and poor sanitation are the fifth biggest killer of women worldwide, causing more deaths than Aids, diabetes or breast cancer, researchers said.WaterAid CEO, Babara Frost in a statement said that this completely unacceptable situation affects women and girls’ education, their health, their dignity and ultimately, in too many cases, results in an early and needless death.The only conditions more fatal for women than the lack of decent sanitation are heart disease, stroke, lower respiratory infections and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, said the report.More than one billion women, or one in three women around the world, do not have access to a safe, private toilet.I am pretty sure the statistic above will be doubled if attention to such data is paid in Nigeria, Dirty water and poor sanitation are at the root of problems such as maternal and child mortality.

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